Behind the Scenes at jetAVIVA: Transactions & Tech Services Team

Behind the Scenes at jetAVIVA: Transactions & Tech Services Team


August 17, 2021



Each member of the JetAviva Transactions and Technical Services (TTS) team is an experienced aviation professional that, based on their expertise, is able to provide unique value to our clients.

When it comes to buying or selling aircraft there are a lot of potential issues that can arise. It is the job of the TTS team to eliminate the challenges our clients could face, and provide them with the smoothest transaction possible. From overseeing the paperwork, to determining and scheduling inspections, to connecting our clients with experts on tax information and aircraft insurance, the TTS team at JetAviva works alongside our customers every step of the way.

At the heart of the TTS team is JetAviva’s Senior Manager of Transactions, Brittany Kelso. She’s a private pilot with several years of experience in aviation-specific contract management and oversees the documentation and legal aspects of each and every transaction. In her words “the TTS team is really a ‘Landmine Avoidance Department’ ” ensuring that every step of the buying or selling process is as streamlined and efficient as possible for the clients we serve.

The technical services provided by JetAviva are managed by Rick Sylvia and Tom Dafoe. When buying or selling a turbine aircraft, the Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) can sway your realized cost of the transaction from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is precisely why JetAviva offers comprehensive PPI Management for our brokerage and acquisition clients at no additional cost. Rick and Tom assist with providing strategic information specific to each aircraft on what inspections are necessary and work alongside the maintenance facility to oversee the inspections from start to finish.

Let the aviation professionals at JetAviva work for you, contact us at 512.410.0295 or [email protected] for assistance with your next aircraft sale or purchase.