• Citation XLS+
    Covered by ProParts
    and PowerAdvantage+
    SN 560-6214
  • Citation Mustang
    Low time
    High Sierra edition.
    SN 510-0452
  • Citation Latitude
    The latest and greatest Citation.
    Still like new. Enrolled in all
    maintenance programs.
    SN 680A-0012
  • Phenom 300
    Garmin G3000 and over
    $1M in Options. A must-see.
    SN 50500399
  • Citation CJ3
    Pro Line Fusion Cockpit. Low time.
    2018 Paint.
    SN 525B-0004
$2.5+ Billion in transactions 500+ Years of combined experience 34+ countries where we've bought and sold aircraft

A Few of Our Recent Transactions:

2008 Bombardier Challenger 300
SN 20222
2015 Embraer Phenom 100E
SN 50000362
2006 Cessna Citation 560XL
SN 560-5656
2014 Cessna Citation 525 M2
SN 525-0831
2017 Cessna Citation 750 X+
SN 750-0529

jetAVIVA. The Authority in Turbine Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions.

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jetAVIVA Company Profile

jetAVIVA is the authority on business turbine aircraft, offering acquisition and sales services backed with the experience of completing over one thousand transactions, as well as providing factory acceptance services in all production light turbine aircraft. jetAVIVA is focused on providing Clients with comprehensive services to choose the right aircraft and operate it with maximum efficiency and safety. If you're interested in buying, selling, or trading a turbine aircraft or delivery position, contact us here.

We Make Clients Happy

“The first thing we did when we decided to buy a jet was contact jetAVIVA.”

–Matt Mitchell
Phenom 100 Owner

“I would use jetAVIVA anytime. They’re a great organization.”

–Rick Lemon
Citation Mustang Owner

“I would highly recommend jetAVIVA. The experience has been very positive.”

–David Ostrowe
Piper Meridian Owner

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jetAVIVA Market Updates: Relevant market information updated monthly on the hottest aircraft models.
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jetAVIVA News & Media

Authored by the Team at jetAVIVA

by Kandi Spangler
This is the first segment of jetAVIVA's Guide to the Citation 560XL Series.
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Citation 560XL Series Guide
by Jason Deifik
After 25 years the CJ series is still flying high with more than 2,100 total aircraft in service.
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CJ2/2+ Sweet Spot
by Cyrus Sigari
Cessna's original Citation X was introduced in 1990, and the first production aircraft was delivered to golfing legend Arnold Palmer.
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Mach Machine

To learn more about jetAVIVA please contact us at +1.512.410.0295 or from our contact page.

jetAVIVA Company Profile
“I would use jetAVIVA anytime. They're a great organization.”
“The first thing we did when we decided to buy a jet was contact jetAVIVA.”
“I would highly recommend jetAVIVA. The experience has been very positive.”
Join Co-founder and CEO of jetAVIVA, Cyrus Sigari, as he provides valuable industry forecasting and expert analysis on the Mustang, CJ1(+), CJ2(+), CJ3, CJ4, Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 market segments.
As seen in : Citation 560XL Series Guide by Kandi Spangler
As seen in AOPA Pilot Turbine Edition: CJ2/2+ Sweet Spot by Jason Deifik
As seen in AOPA Turbine Edition: Mach Machine by Cyrus Sigari

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