Top Gun Phenom

Top Gun Phenom


July 1, 2022



What’s the coolest birds in the Top Gun 2 remake?

No, it’s not the F-14Tomcat, or the F/A 18F Super Hornet, it’s the Phenom 300 that was actually flown to capture all these amazing scenes!

Phenom camera ship is a Long Beach, CA based filming company that has the FAA’s only certified high-speed, high altitude, pressurized filming platform. With two nose mounted cameras, and a 6 axis gyro-stabilized gimbal camera, the team from PCS were able to capture all the high speed passes and aerial shots using the Phenom 300.

The Phenom 300 was equipped with Shotover cameras on both the nose and tail, for both wide and tight angles. Photo courtesy of Kevin LaRosa II

As we all know Tom Cruise is well known for completing his own stunts, and for this sequel, he asked the 3 main actors to learn how to fly. They each started basic training in a Cessna 172, and like a real training program, once they became comfortable, they graduated into an aerobatic airplane, the Extra 300. Eventually each of them flew in the L39 Albatross. They were exposed to high g forces, and proper hand positions, muscle memory etc, so when they entered the Super Hornets, everything would look realistic. Between the newly trained cast and the exceptional high speed filming, TopGun 2 shows what it takes.

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(Hero Image credit: Paramount Pictures)