The Citation CJ4 – More than Meets the Eye

The Citation CJ4 – More than Meets the Eye


February 6, 2023


Kyle Delphon, Sales Director

In this latest jetAVIVA aircraft review, Sales Director Kyle Delphon explores the often-overlooked Citation CJ4. Learn why this highly-capable, comfortable and efficient offering from Textron is worth considering for owner pilots and corporate flight departments alike.

When first introduced in 2006, the Citation CJ4 brought large jet features normally found in dual pilot aircraft to a single pilot light jet for the first time. With nearly 400 units delivered (including the CJ4 Gen2) the CJ4 has been a success for Textron, but oftentimes is overlooked by potential buyers on both sides of the fence.

Following the success of the CJ3/3+ line, Cessna set out to deliver a jet that added speed, range, and cabin size without drastically changing the operating budget for owners accustomed to the predictable budget in the earlier CJ lineup. Leaning on the swept airfoil design from the successful Citation Sovereign allows the CJ4 to reach a maximum cruising speed of 451 kts and a range of over 2000 nautical miles. The addition of 21 inches to the fuselage provides maximum passenger comfort with seating for up to nine passengers. Another large jet feature was the addition of an externally serviceable lav which became standard equipment at serial number 100. Unlike the rest of the CJ lineup, the CJ4 comes with a single point refueling system making any fuel stops a quick and efficient event.

While the CJ3+ came from the factory with the Garmin G3000 avionics, Cessna chose the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite for CJ4. The Pro Line 21 system packs a wealth of features such as broadcast graphical weather, IFIS, FMS 3000, and electronic charts; just to name a few. Making the shift from one avionics platform to another can be an intimidating task for even the most seasoned pilot but Rockwell Collins created a user friendly system well suited to single and dual pilot operations. To put it in simpler terms, the Pro Line system operates like that of a simplified airline cockpit; placing big technology into a light and easy to use package.

Over 74% of the fleet of CJ4 and CJ4 Gen2 fleet are based within the United States. Only 7.5% of the fleet are operating on a Part 135 Certificate as opposed to nearly 28% of the Phenom 300/300E fleet, the CJ4’s largest competitor.

2022 saw the market for pre-owned CJ4’s continue to shine. 36 aircraft transacted in the year with values for low time, well equipped aircraft, averaging $7.95M for the calendar year. Entering 2023 the CJ4 is poised to remain a key option among both the owner pilot crowd as well as professional flight departments. Stable pricing and a fair amount of inventory provide opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

Adding up all of the features of the CJ4 places it in a very unique spot in the marketplace. It’s just as well suited for the single pilot operation who is loyal to the Citation line as it is for the commercial flight department needing to move employees around the country in an economic, but comfortable manner. Purchasers would be well-served to consider the CJ4 as part of their operation – and the team at jetAVIVA is standing by to help you evaluate how the Citation CJ4 can support your mission.