Sean D. Tucker and jetAVIVA Team Up

Sean D. Tucker and jetAVIVA Team Up


August 1, 2010

Jessica AmbatsSean D. Tucker’s Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety, the leading aerobatic and upset recovery training school, in partnership with jetAVIVA, the premier light jet acquisition and sales firm, are launching their new Light Jet Upset Recovery Training course. Geared towards general aviation’s light jet owner pilots, the course is specifically designed with the modern jet pilot in mind.

Following the FAA’s recent announcement urging all commercial operators to begin incorporating “Enhanced Upset Recovery Training”, jetAVIVA and the Tutima Academy are demonstrating their dedication to safety by expanding this recommendation to light jet operators. A recent NASA study demonstrated that Loss of Control (LOC) scenarios continue to outpace other factors as the leading cause of fatal accidents in the last 20 years.

To help combat LOC accidents, the course covers LOC scenarios and aerodynamics with a specific emphasis on LOC psychology. The three-day course utilizes the highly capable Extra 300L and Pitts S2B/C, giving pilots the ability to experience all flight attitudes and to test the edges of the aerodynamic envelope in a safe and structured environment under the guidance of some of the world’s top aerobatic instructors.

This course is open to any pilot who flies a turbine-powered airplane or is considering the purchase of a turbine-powered airplane.

Sean D. TuckerThe team at Tutima Academy, including company principal and world-renowned airshow performer Sean D. Tucker, developed the curriculum in conjunction with jetAVIVA’s jet instructor pilots. Says Sean D. Tucker,”Flying aerobatics is the greatest thrill I’ve ever experienced. Being able to share my experiences to help other pilots survive emergency situations is even more rewarding.”

Since its inception, jetAVIVA has been dedicated to the development of its clients as owner pilots. Says jetAVIVA president Cyrus Sigari “Training for and flying in competition aerobatics has significantly helped increase my personal flying skills, potentially saving my life one day. As a result I have become a firm believer that upset recovery training is not just an educational option; it should be required training for all those operating turbine powered aircraft.” jetAVIVA developed its first Experience Light Jets course several years ago and has helped hundreds of owner-pilots transition from propeller aircraft to jets.

jetAVIVA provides expertise in light jet sales, acquisition, acceptance and training for clients from around the world. The Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety is located in King City, CA. The Tutima Academy strives to provide high-precision flight training for pilots of all levels, building confidence during maneuvering, and a deeper understanding into the art of aviating. The goal of both jetAVIVA and the Tutima Academy is to increase safety in one of the fastest growing areas of general and business aviation: the owner-flown light jet arena.

For more information see our Light Jet Upset Recovery Training page.