Behind the  Scenes at JetAviva: President – Ryan Scott

Behind the Scenes at JetAviva: President – Ryan Scott


June 11, 2021



Ryan Scott, JetAviva’s newly-appointed company President has always been enamored with baseball and aviation.

In fact, it was through a baseball game that Ryan first got his start in the industry.

Ryan is a native Floridian who grew up in the flight path of the Fort Lauderdale International airport. But it wasn’t until age 17 when he realized that aviation was a passion of his. Ryan was pitching in a high school baseball championship game, when a 767 was on approach into FLL and his eyes snapped skyward causing him to step off the mound and delay the game until it flew directly overhead. Both the umpire and coach came out to check on what was wrong. Ryan went on to receive a Division 1 baseball scholarship and was ultimately drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers. However, Ryan elected to continue his schooling instead of playing professionally.

Not long after, following a game against Embraer’s nationally ranked company softball team, Ryan was recruited to work for the company in Shipping and Receiving, and of course he was asked to join the team. He remained with Embraer for 29 years.

During his time with Embraer, Ryan was a founding member of the Embraer Executive Jets Division and was a key player in the introduction of the ERJ-145 RJ program. He also served as a Board member for Embraer’s Political Action Committee (PAC) representing Embraer and the Business Aviation industry in Washington, DC.

After helping grow the Executive Jets brand to over $2B in revenue, and leading the North American Eastern Region sales team as Senior Vice President, Ryan left Embraer to focus on new aerospace ventures. He became a strategic advisor for Dawn Aerospace, a low orbit propulsion company based in New Zealand, as well as leading all commercial activities for Boom Supersonic as Senior Vice President of Global Sales.

Ryan still has a competitive streak, which makes him a great advocate for his customers and colleagues. During his free time he can be found at the gym, playing tennis, racquetball and of course, baseball. He also enjoys skiing, traveling and spending time with his family and their German Shepherd, Jett.