Behind the Scenes at jetAVIVA: Technical Services – Rick Sylvia

Behind the Scenes at jetAVIVA: Technical Services – Rick Sylvia


September 5, 2020

When buying or selling a turbine aircraft, the Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI) can sway your realized cost of the transaction tens to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars. This is precisely why jetAVIVA offers comprehensive PPI Management for our brokerage and acquisition clients at no additional cost.

Rick Sylvia, jetAVIVA’s Director of Technical Services, is at the core of this service, and helps every one of our clients coordinate and manage the PPI process of the purchase or sale of an aircraft. Sylvia’s professional background and tenure in aircraft maintenance and operations proves he’s a great ally to have in your corner.

  • 20 Years as the Director of Maintenance for Textron Aviation
  • 9 Years as Director of Maintenance for CVS Health
  • 5 Years as Aviation Director for CVS Health
  • 15+ Years in the MSG3 Industry Steering Committee for New Model Cessna Aircraft and is currently Chairman, Citation Sovereign
  • 22 Years on the NBAA Technical Committee for Cessna Citation Large Cabin Aircraft
  • Degree in Aviation Maintenance from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University