jetAVIVA Perspectives: The Daher TBM 930

jetAVIVA Perspectives: The Daher TBM 930


February 12, 2021

The TBM 930 is all about speed. It is faster than some jets, but brings the benefit of much lower operating costs. With cruise speeds of up to 330 knots and a max range of over 1,700 miles, the TBM 930 gives owners the ability to add days to their schedules, either for work or pleasure.

With a luxurious pressurized cabin that seats six in a convenient club seating arrangement, the TBM 930 can transport you in comfort and safety to anywhere, in a secure, private environment. The TBM 930 is a great option for many first time buyers who wish to escape the crowded environs in a commercial airport.

Owners of smaller aircraft who are stepping up will marvel at the simplicity of operation of its reliable Pratt & Whitney PT-6-66D engine. Capable of making 1,825 SHP, it achieves remarkable margins of safety and reliability when de-rated to 850 SHP for this installation.

The Standard Garmin G-3000 avionics suite offers a plethora of features and benefits. With three Large Cockpit Displays (Pilot and Co-Pilot PFD’s and MFD) it offers unparalleled situational awareness by putting all the information you could ever need at your fingertips. Multiple sources of Weather data (On Board Radar, Weather Data link and ADS-b) along with two sources of traffic data keep you safe in challenging weather conditions or crowded airspace. The advanced autopilot enhances safety with ESP (Enhanced Stability Protection) and USP (Under Speed Protection) and decreases pilot workload in all phases of flight making this airplane a joy to fly.

If you’re considering stepping up from a smaller aircraft like a Cirrus, Bonanza, Baron, Mirage, Meridian, or other you owe it to yourself to consider the TBM 930. It’s a great choice and you’ll be amazed at how easy the transition will be. The incredible speed, simplicity and utility increases that come with the TBM 930 will be a welcome improvement to your quality of life!

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