jetAVIVA Enjoys a Brisk Q1, Noting Considerable Growth From 2018

jetAVIVA Enjoys a Brisk Q1, Noting Considerable Growth From 2018


April 12, 2019

Double-digit sales growth being driven by implementation of new team structure and processes

The year has started out to a brisk pace, according to the latest announcement of company performance from jetAVIVA, a worldwide business aircraft sales and acquisitions firm. Around the industry, there have been reports of mostly flat sales activity in Q1 2019 compared to Q1 2018, but jetAVIVA has reported double-digit internal growth during the period. The firm’s senior leadership attributed the growth mainly to its expanded team structure compounded with newly-implemented internal processes.

jetAVIVA saw a 25% increase in company revenue during Q1 2019 compared to the same period in 2018, and in terms of units sold, numbers were up 22% YoY.

“We have the momentum right now to make this year a record year for jetAVIVA,” said company CEO, Tim White. “I strongly believe this trend of growth comes from our team’s synergy, having found ways to become more efficient and focus heavily on set goals.” White attributed at least part of that momentum to the firm’s recently-implemented departmental leadership updates, including the hiring of a new Vice President of Sales, “…which, ultimately, allowed the entire team to accelerate the service to our customer-base to an even higher level.”

When jetAVIVA’s leadership team met for its quarterly and annual planning session in January 2019, White admitted, “We set some lofty goals and high-reaching objectives for the company to achieve by March 31”, but also said they had a level of team commitment that left him feeling assured they would not only hit, but exceed those numbers—and exceed they did.

While not able to disclose exactly what new processes were put into place that supported the company’s growth, White did explain, “Getting back to the fundamentals of regular communication, accountability, and goal-setting have had a tremendous impact on our output. Our intent is to be positioned greater than ever to meet our client community’s needs today and going forward.”

About jetAVIVA: Founded in 2006, jetAVIVA has been a pioneer in helping Clients enter the world of turbine aircraft ownership. With over 2,000 clients in 40 countries, jetAVIVA is one of the largest resellers of turbine aircraft in the world by total units sold. The firm is headquartered in Kansas City, Kansas, with offices in California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Canada, and Mexico.

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