jetAVIVA co-founders speak at AOPA Expo 2008

jetAVIVA co-founders speak at AOPA Expo 2008


September 21, 2008

AOPA Expo 2008jetAVIVA co-Founders Ben Marcus and Cyrus Sigari have been asked by AOPA to deliver an address on the current landscape of Very Light Jets.

jetAVIVA has been focused exclusively on VLJ’s since the company was founded by Marcus and Sigari almost 3 years ago. jetAVIVA provides sales and acquisition services, factory acceptance and training in all production Very Light jets and has worked with hundreds of clients from around the world.

“The VLJ race is on, there are a lot of manufacturers pushing hard to win.” says Ben Marcus, CEO of jetAVIVA. “Between milestones and setbacks of individual OEMs and the rapidly changing global economy, it seems like the VLJ landscape is changing every week. We are looking forward to talking with the members of AOPA, updating them on emerging aircraft specification, giving our impressions of where the market is headed and answer their questions on this exciting new world of GA aircraft”.