In Case of Emergency: The Importance of Beacon Registration

In Case of Emergency: The Importance of Beacon Registration


June 29, 2023


Brittany Kelso

In the most recent jetAVIVA blog, jetAVIVA’s VP of Transactions, Brittany Kelso reminds our clients the importance of having updated beacon registration information.

In an emergency who would be called? 

Ever thought about this question? The answer is whomever you have listed as your emergency contacts on your beacon registration. If you have purchased an aircraft and not updated this form the answer is very likely the prior owner’s family or friends. This small piece is so often overlooked especially by owner pilots, and I count myself in this category. When you buy a new aircraft the OEM usually sets this up for you, but what about the 1000s of used aircraft that transact every year? Or there was a registration change on your aircraft and the transponder was re-strapped? Or your primary emergency contact changed their cell number? The bad news is that a large portion of the US fleet is flying around with old or inaccurate information. The good news is that it is quick and simple to update. You can create a login from the link below and complete the process easily. 

The legal requirement is to register or re-register (as required every two years), or to notify NOAA of any changes to the status of your 406 MHz beacon. Failure to do so could result in penalties and/or fines being issued under Federal Law. More importantly, failure to maintain accurate and complete information could result in a delayed response by rescue forces. This last piece is the reason I felt strongly about getting this message out. 

Happy Flying!!

NOAA Beacon Registration