Freedom of Owning an Aircraft

Freedom of Owning an Aircraft


October 28, 2022


Mickea Smith, Sales Director

Ever dream of owning your own aircraft and enjoying the freedoms that come along with it? No matter if it is a single engine piston or a jet, there are plenty of good reasons to chase and follow through with that dream.

Let’s begin with the top attributes of aircraft ownership. Convenience and flexibility. No TSA lines or other hassles of a commercial airport. Simply enjoy the privacy of your own aircraft, on demand, to the destination of your choice. Another notable attribute to owning an aircraft is safety. With the recent concerns surrounding COVID-19, owning your own aircraft gives you the freedom from large crowds and close proximity to people in commercial airports and commercial airliners. And of course, there is nothing more valuable than your time. Whether you are traveling to an important, last-minute business meeting, or a remote, hard-to-reach destination for some much needed time away, with private aircraft ownership, you can set your own schedule, reduce the travel time to your destination, and directly impact your productivity.

Aircraft ownership is a major decision and obviously an expensive one; however, the returns could be much greater than the investment. It could be what you need to gain that competitive advantage for your business or get to your favorite leisurely destination more efficiently. After all, you can’t put a price on freedom.