Citation Mustang Training

Citation Mustang Training


August 15, 2008

Citation MustangjetAVIVA has announced that it is expanding its Experience Light Jets program to include the Cessna Citation Mustang.

The company has been offering Experience Light Jets (ELJ) in the Eclipse 500 since September 2007. In response to high demand, the company will begin offering pre-type rating training in Cessna Citation Mustang later this year. The company’s fleet of six VLJs, including Eclipse 500s and Mustangs, is growing quickly.

The ELJ program is built to allow pilots to achieve four primary goals:

  • Become a safer jet pilot
  • Gain experience in a Very Light Jet
  • Excel during type rating training
  • If applicable, help determine which VLJ is right for each Client

ELJ is focused on the customer experience: fly when you want, where you want and concentrate on the areas you feel are of highest value. With jetAVIVA’s flexible training programs, ELJ can accommodate both the experienced jet pilot looking for type specific training and the novice general aviation pilot looking for complete immersion in jet operations.

“I used to own a King Air and am currently flying an Aerostar,” says Lloyd Martin, jetAVIVA client. “I felt like I needed some exposure to jets before I went to school for my type rating. ELJ gave me the confidence I need to get through the type rating training smoothly.”

ELJ is offered in three packages: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, providing 10.5, 25, and 45 hours of flight time respectively. All programs come with necessary training materials and ground school. Many clients find that their ELJ experience is helpful in
determining which type of VLJ they would like to buy.