Cirrus Step-Up

Cirrus Step-Up


May 17, 2024


Jade Hofeldt, Managing Director

You’ve entered the world of Aircraft ownership – you’ve found yourself in a Cirrus SR that has changed your quality of life, time management and possibly helped your business to grow and prosper in ways you didn’t know possible prior to owning an Aircraft.  Perhaps you fly yourself or maybe you have a pilot who operates your Aircraft for you, but one thing is certain; you’ve decided it’s time to step up to something more capable.  Whether that means going further, getting there faster, carrying more people and/or being able to operate in a wider envelope of weather conditions; you’ve outgrown the Cirrus SR and it’s time to start exploring what’s next.  

Join us as we explore the transition from Cirrus Aircraft to a range of models including the Cirrus Vision Jet, TBM 900, Piper M600, Citation Mustang, and Phenom 100, comparing acquisition costs, seating capacity, performance metrics and overall owner sentiments. 

Cirrus Vision Jet (current production model: G2+)

The Cirrus Vision Jet is often considered the natural progression for Cirrus pilots with over 50% of SF50 buyers having stepped up from a SR. With a price tag starting around $3M for a G2 equipped with Auto Throttle and Safe Return, it’s about triple the investment compared to a later model G6 SR22T. The Vision Jet typically accommodates up to 5 passengers (max 7) in its spacious cabin. Its single-engine design, coupled with a range of approximately 1,200 nautical miles and a cruising speed of over 300 knots, makes it an appealing option for those looking for jet performance with the familiarity of the Cirrus brand.*Safe Return and AutoLand offered in Late 2020 G2 models and in current production G2+

TBM 900 (current production models: 910 & 960)

The TBM 900, manufactured by Daher, is another compelling option for pilots transitioning from Cirrus Aircraft. With pre-owned options priced around $3.5 million, this turboprop has impressive speed and range capabilities. The TBM 900 typically seats up to 5 passengers + pilot, and with a cruising speed of over 300 knots and a range of approximately 1,700 nautical miles the TBM offers excellent performance for its class. TBM owners love its ability to utilize shorter runways, the option for longer legs and not having to have a multi-engine rating to operate this robust turboprop. **Safe Return and AutoLand offered in 2020-2022 TBM 940 models and in current production 960s. 

Piper M600 (current production model: M700 Fury)

Piper’s entry into the high-performance turboprop market, the M600, offers a blend of efficiency, speed, and comfort. Priced at around $2.5 million on the pre-owned market, it features a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A engine, providing a cruising speed of over 270 knots and a range of approximately 1,400 nautical miles. The M600 typically seats up to 5 passengers + pilot, however will feel limited in its cabin size, payload and performance if you compare it to the TBM. Piper M600 owners love the aircraft’s ease of operation, the high level of service and support at a reasonable cost and the overall value they get while moving into a turboprop.*Safe Return and AutoLand offered in 2020 and on M600 SLS models and in current production 960s. 

Citation Mustang (out of production as of 2017)

For pilots ready to make the leap into the jet world, the Citation Mustang provides an attractive single pilot option. With a price tag starting around $2 million in the pre-owned market, it offers jet performance at a relatively affordable price point. The Mustang boasts a cruising speed of over 340 knots and range of approximately 1,200 nautical miles with the ability to get above weather and traffic at FL410. With club seating in the cabin, the Mustang offers total seating for 5 passengers + pilot, making it suitable for shorter trips with a smaller group while offering plenty of space for external baggage with an impressive 620 lbs available to pack in. Owners of the Citation Mustang love its spacious cockpit, ergonomically designed for single pilot operations, the simplicity of operation, program coverage options and overall value. 

Phenom 100 (current production model: P100 EX)

Embraer’s Phenom 100 rounds out our list as a popular choice for pilots transitioning from Cirrus Aircraft. Priced similar to the Mustang, expect to spend $100K-$200K more, comparatively speaking with all else equal.  Like the Mustang, the Phenom 100 typically seats up to 4 passengers in a rear club configuration with the option for a belted lav seat in the back + 2 up front, providing the option for 6 total passengers + pilot.  With a cruising speed of over 380 knots and a range of approximately 1,200 nautical miles, the Phenom 100 is well-suited for a variety of missions, however, will be out performed by the Mustang 100% of the time if hot and high operations are a consideration for your mission. Owners of the P100 like the rear lav option, the full airstair door, ramp presence and overall comfort for both business and personal travel.


Transitioning from Cirrus Aircraft to the next step up represents an exciting progression in a pilot’s journey. Each of the models mentioned offers unique features, performance capabilities, seating capacities, and price points to consider. Whether you’re drawn to the luxury of the Cirrus Vision Jet, the utilitarian versatility of the TBM 900, overall value offered by the M600 or the speed of a jet like the Citation Mustang and Phenom 100, there’s a perfect fit for every pilot looking to take their flying to new heights. Ultimately, the decision comes down to individual preferences, budget considerations, service support and intended use. As a current Cirrus CSIP and Citation type rated pilot, I LOVE the Cirrus SR series, and firmly believe that there is absolutely no other piston aircraft that offers the same level of safety, innovation, comfort, luxury experience, service & support.  With that in mind, in my 15+ years in Aircraft Sales, I still have yet to have an aircraft owner tell me they wish they had not made the step up to a turboprop/jet; rather it’s always, I wish I could’ve/would’ve done this sooner.   No matter which aircraft you choose, I can promise the journey will be both exhilarating and rewarding, and we are here to help when you are ready. 

Jade has been a pilot for 23 years, holds an ATP certificate along with CFI/CFII/MEI licenses, is a Cirrus CSIP, is typed in the Citation 525 Series, has flown 50+ different aircraft models during her career, and is a graduate of Purdue University’s Aviation Technology, Professional Flight Program. She has been with jetAVIVA for over 10 years and currently heads up sales of the Citation Mustang, Citation M2 and all Cirrus models.