2009 Embraer Phenom 100

2009 Embraer Phenom 100

SN 50000015

Welcome to the Phenom 100. As the first clean-sheet light jet design in a decade, the Phenom is truly a jet for the 21st Century. Embraer’s engineering experience from building some of the world’s most successful regional jets can be seen in almost every aspect of the Phenom 100.

Stand tall. The first thing you'll notice when you walk up to this thoroughbred is its impressive ramp presence. The Phenom stands tall, and you step up into this jet through an airstair door that makes it feel more like a mid-size aircraft. The Phenom 100 offers the best-in-class cabin cross-section and baggage capacity, and it features an enclosed, flushing lavatory as standard equipment.

Single-pilot simplicity. Designed around Embraer’s “Prodigy” system (based on the proven Garmin G1000 platform), the Phenom 100’s cockpit features an unmatched ease-of-operation through systems integration and automated monitoring functions. Synoptic displays for every major system can be viewed on the 12” multi-function display (MFD). You’ll also be empowered by all of Prodigy’s situational awareness and decision-making tools: full-color moving map, traffic, class-B terrain awareness, XM datalink weather, SafeTaxi, and electronic charts. Redundant FADEC simplifies engine operation, thereby improving safety and reducing workload.

Outperform. The Phenom 100 features best-in-class cruise speed (and outstanding operating economics). Cruise at 390 KTAS at up to 41,000 feet. Operate in and out of short fields, even under “hot and high” conditions.

Outlast. The Phenom 100 is designed for high utilization and a long economic life of 35,000 cycles. A high number of line-replaceable components means less maintenance downtime and lower labor cost, and the maintenance program is designed around the MSG-3 standard to offer a 600

Year 2009
ETT 470 Left 470 Right
SN 50000015
Location San Francisco, CA, United States
Reg N100PZ
Price Inquire
AFTT 470

Engine Specs

  • Pratt & Whitney PW617F (2), rated at 1,695 lbs thrust (@ ISA+10).
  • Dual FADEC
  • TBO: 3500 hours

Optional Equipment

  • Weather Radar
  • DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)
  • 2nd Mode S Transponder with Diversity
  • Premium Passenger Door
  • Enhanced Takeoff Package
  • Sunshade and Sunvisor
  • Cockpit Flood Lights
  • Cockpit Sheepskin Seats

Year Painted


Year Interior