jetAVIVA Announces Neil Singer as Chief Flying Officer

jetAVIVA Announces Neil Singer as Chief Flying Officer


May 21, 2018

jetAVIVA is excited to announce the addition of Mr. Neil Singer to our team as Chief Flying Officer. As a world-renowned figure in the world of jet aircraft training, Mr. Singer brings cross-brand experience and detailed knowledge of the intricacies of transitioning into a turbine aircraft. Singer will help jetAVIVA clients chart an acquisition and training plan to ensure they are transitioning in the right manner into the right airplane for their tastes and needs, allowing the firm to enhance the value of its acquisition service package to its clients.

Neil Singer’s expertise in the field of light jet training and operation has been recognized by both Citation and Embraer jet owner-operators’ associations. He is a regular speaker at the various owner conventions, Additionally, he has earned appointments with both organizations: the Embraer Jet Operator Association’s Pilot Proficiency Advisor, and as the lead author of the Citation Jet Pilot Safety and Education Foundation’s standard operation procedures guide.

Singer’s impressive list of accomplishments speaks to his experience and expertise and includes:

  • Five-time Master CFI
  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner
  • 10,000 Hours of Flight Experience in over 50 aircraft types
  • Type Ratings in Phenom 100, Phenom 300, Citation CE-500 (I, II, V) Series, Citation Mustang, Citation 525 Series, and Challenger 300
  • Seaplane and Glider ratings
  • Experience in Airline, Charter, Air Ambulance, and Corporate flying environments
  • Regular contributor to AOPA Pilot’s Turbine Pilot Edition as well as publication in Cirrus Pilot, IFR Magazine, Aviation Consumer, and Contrails magazines
  • Extensive international experience including 20+ North Atlantic crossings, most of which performed in light jets

Neil Singer will start with jetAVIVA and its clients effective immediately. If you’d like to talk with Neil directly and learn more about what he and jetAVIVA can do for your aircraft sales and training needs, send him a note at [email protected] or call +1.512.410.0295.