Navigating the Price Evolution of the Citation CJ4: A Decade of Pre-Owned Market Insights

Navigating the Price Evolution of the Citation CJ4: A Decade of Pre-Owned Market Insights


May 17, 2024


Kyle Delphon, Sales Director


The Cessna Citation CJ4 has been a fixture in the light jet segment since its debut in 2010. Over the years, its pricing dynamics in the pre-owned market have reflected various factors, from market demand to technological advancements. For example purposes, we’ll track a 2010 model’s value all the way up to present day.

2010: The Birth of Innovation

In its inaugural year, the Citation CJ4 entered the market with a blend of innovation and performance. The scaled down wing from the Citation Sovereign was used to give the airplane a perfect balance of speed, range, and performance. With the wing mated to the same CJ fuselage that owners had come to love, the CJ4 was geared for success. Pricing for the initial model year averaged $8,400,000. 

2011-2015: Establishing Dominance and Market Stability

As the CJ4 continued to  gain traction, prices remained relatively stable, with slight fluctuations based on individual aircraft specifications. Averages for the airplane over the next 4 years can be seen below:                 

2011: $8,000,000 2012: $7,425,000 2013: $6,700,000 2014: $6,600,000 2015:  $6,600,000

For 11 consecutive Quarters (Q3 2013 – Q1 2016) our 2010 CJ4 held one of the most stable values we have ever seen in the light jet market. This stable market created great conditions for both buyers and sellers with predictable demand and pricing prior to heading into a time of uncertainty over the next several years.

2016-2019: Market Shift 

By 2016 the CJ4 had become a well regarded player in the light jet market and created a healthy balance of price and availability in the pre-owned segment. The beginning of 2016 saw the market continue to fare well for the CJ4 but a shift in value was on the horizon.

2016: $6,150,000 2017: $5,800,000 2018: $5,700,000 2019: $5,600,000

2020: Facing Uncertainty

The onset of 2020 brought unforeseen challenges to the aviation industry, heavily impacting pre-owned pricing for the Citation CJ4. Economic uncertainty and fluctuating demand contributed to pricing fluctuations, requiring buyers and sellers to navigate the market with caution.

Q1 2020: $5,500,000 Q2 2020: $5,500,000 Q3 2020: $4,900,000 Q4 2020: $4,800,000

2021: The Rise of CJ4 GEN2

In 2021, Cessna introduced the Citation CJ4 GEN2, elevating the aircraft’s features to new heights. Pre-owned prices for GEN2 models commanded a premium. Buyers seeking the latest technology and performance enhancements were willing to pay a premium for these state-of-the-art aircraft. The pre-owned market benefitted some from the high price of the GEN2 model but fighting supply and manufacturing issues along with the continued constraints of COVID made for a tough market. 

Q1 2021: $4,700,000 Q2 2021: $4,600,000 Q3 2021: $4,600,000 Q4 2021: $5,060,000

2022 – Present Day: Navigating Pricing Realities

As the light jet market started to recover towards the end of 2021 and into 2022, the CJ4 saw a return to premium pricing. By 2023, the pre owned market had hit its highest point since 2012. Our 2010 CJ4 had recovered all depreciation lost since 2012 and was just 18 percent off its original factory pricing. This recovery was unprecedented in the world of business jets and will likely not be seen again for years to come.

As we approach the present day, the pricing landscape for the Citation CJ4 continues to evolve. While GEN2 models maintain their premium position, prices for earlier iterations have adjusted to reflect market demand and competitive factors. Due to the major value recovery seen in ‘22/’23, some owners still have a chance to capitalize on their investment when selling. Both buyers and sellers must leverage market insights and expert guidance to navigate pricing realities and secure favorable outcomes in aircraft transactions.

2022: $6,625,000

2023: $6,867,000

2024: $6,566,000


The pricing evolution of the Citation CJ4 in the pre-owned market spans a decade of innovation, market dynamics, and technological advancements. From its inception in 2010 to the present day, each year model has contributed to the aircraft’s enduring success in the light jet segment. Understanding the nuances of pricing for each model year is essential for informed decision-making in aircraft transactions, ensuring optimal outcomes for buyers and sellers alike.