Tough Decision: The Praetor 600 vs. The Longitude

Tough Decision: The Praetor 600 vs. The Longitude


December 19, 2023


Kandi Spangler, Managing Director jetAVIVA

Recently, jetAVIVA’s Kandi Spangler was featured in an article on the Citation Longitude in Aviation Week’s Business and Commercial Aviation magazine. The content was extracted from her detailed writeup Tough Decision: The Praetor 600 vs. The Longitude. Click the link below to read the full article.

In my role at jetAVIVA as a sales and acquisition consultant, I’ve done a fair amount of research on these aircraft, and what I’ve discovered is that both airplanes are equally impressive. At similar price points it’s no surprise that many of my clients have come to me asking which airplane is best for their mission. My approach has always been the same: determine their needs and wants, and then present the facts so we can choose the best option. Quite frankly, I like both airplanes, so my job is to do a thorough review of our clients’ needs and then develop a comparison that goes well beyond the manufacturer’s marketing brochure. Additionally, I highly recommend my clients book a demo flight in each of these aircraft to get first-hand experience. After all, how does one articulate the firmness of the seat cushions or the overall feel of the cabin amenities? The devil is in the details and not everything can be captured in a spreadsheet. Let’s dive in.

Download the full article here.

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