Behind the Scenes at JetAviva: Tom Dafoe

Behind the Scenes at JetAviva: Tom Dafoe


June 24, 2021



Tom Dafoe came to JetAviva in early 2021 expanding the firm’s expertise into the Utility Turboprop Markets.

He is able to provide a high level service to his clients, using his real-world experience over the past 20+ years in the industry. Tom is best known for connecting with his customers, listening to their needs and always seeking solutions that are in their best interest.

Whether it’s backcountry flying in his 1946 vintage Cessna 140 or landing an amphibious Grand Caravan on the waters of the Pacific, Tom thirsts for adventure and enjoys discovering the great outdoors. He can always be found exploring the vast opportunities provided to him through aviation.

Tom is a passionate aviator, certified tailwheel and seaplane rated pilot and holds an Airframe and Powerplant certification. You can often find him cruising the skies while filming videos for his Youtube channel, Turbines and Tailwheels.

Raised as a farm boy in North Dakota, Tom has a deep connection with the soil and loves making things grow. He and his wife, Rebecca, live on an almond farm in Northern California in a log home which they built themselves. Along with their 5 children, they enjoy family time on the farm, music, and vacationing to Tahoe in the winters for skiing and snowboarding.