The jetAVIVA Team

jetAVIVA is in the dream making business

jetAVIVA was founded in 2006 as a dream by two childhood best friends, Cyrus Sigari and Ben Marcus, to create the Greatest Aircraft Sales Organization in the World. Having met at the age of 11 years old at the Santa Monica Airport as cadets in the Civil Air Patrol, the two subsequently grew jetAVIVA into the #1 light jet sales company in the world.

As a pioneer in the owner/flown light jet business, jetAVIVA has helped thousands of people enter the world of jet ownership.

In 2016, jetAVIVA acquired Kansas Aircraft Corporation, a sales leader in high-performance general aviation aircraft.

In 2017, jetAVIVA acquired Jet Quest Inc, an aircraft sales and acquisition firm specializing in the Cessna Citation family.

Our job: Dream. Fly. Repeat.

Cyrus Sigari
Executive Chairman, Co-founder
Chief airplane nut. Ironman triathlete. Aerospace engineer. Rode a grizzly bear once.
Ben Marcus
Big dreamer. Airplanes make his world go round. Founder of
Tim White
Former head of sales for Cessna. Fast runner. Jet-A fuel gets his blood pumping.
Dustin Cordier
USAF Academy grad. Flew into North Korea twice. Family man. Team coach & zen-warrior.
Emily Deaton
All about the customer experience. Lifelong learner and teacher. Proud Florida Gator.
Kathy Oberbroeckling
VP Finance/Human Resources
Numbers are her life. Lives to see a project come together. Proud mom of 3 boys.
John Farrish
VP Transactions, General Counsel
Loves the fine print and family. Canadian immigrant. Has a Boeing 747 tattoo.
Rick Sylvia
Director of Technical Services
Decades of experience as a DoM. He knows how your plane was put together.
Robin Eissler
Sales Director
Team mom. Often found at the beach. Selling airplanes since 18.
Denise Wilson
Sales Director
Seasoned jet pilot with 9,000+ hours. Entrepreneur at heart and business aviation advocate. Used to play the Oboe professionally.
Ben Dow
Sales Director
Grew up in the right seat of a Premier. Proud dad of two. Native New Yorker.
Conrad Jones
Sales Director
Native Kansas Citian. Can fly anything with wings. Technical guru. Loves blues music.
Gonzalo Quintana
Sales Director
Tri-lingual. Chases Solar Eclipses. Family Man.
Jade Hofeldt
Sales Director
CJ3 is her favorite jet. Piper Cub favorite piston. Aviation queen of Wisconsin.
Jason Deifik
Sales Director
Collegiate soccer player. Knows how many hours you flew your plane since you bought it. Texas native.
Kandi Spangler
Sales Director
Bob Hoover’s marketing agent. Loves the outdoors. Spends weekends teaching women how to adventure motorcycle.
Max Oberbroeckling
Sales Director
Kansan born and raised. Horsepower obsessed. Loves anything that flies, drives, or does wheelies.
Jordan Scales
Sales Director
Lover of all things fast. Georgia native. Auburn University grad.
Kelly Wolff
Marketing Specialist II – Brokerage Services
Wisconsin native. Loves anything outdoors, especially waterskiing.
Kait Doherty
Marketing Specialist
First-generation aspiring aviator. Small town Kansas girl. Loves blue skies and sunshine. Her dream plane would be a hot pink Stearman with a male pin-up model on the side.
Collin Weems
Sales Operations Specialist
Kansas State Alumnus. Passionate outdoorsman and aviation fanatic. Once flew an RV-8 upside down.
Kyle Delphon
Sales Operations Specialist
Loves talking airplanes. Petitioning for bass fishing to become an Olympic sport. Proud husband and dad.
Glenn Watson
Photography & Videography
Loves hanging out of airplanes without doors. Always has a camera in his hands. Champion water skier.
Dustin B.
Photography & Videography
Larger than life, with an incredible presence. Lives behind the lens. Makes our models look pretty.
Tim P.
Creative Design
We think he invented the internet. Does best work from 10 pm-5 am. jetAVIVA's longest standing partner.

To learn more about jetAVIVA please contact us at +1.512.410.0295 or from our contact page.

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