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Cessna Caravan: Even Better on Floats

If you’re a pilot, there is a good chance you enjoy spending some time on a boat. If you’re a boat junkie, there is a good chance you admire a cool airplane. Either way, there’s a really good chance you would be thrilled if you could put the two together. Here is the recipe: one airplane (big enough and powerful enough to haul you, your family/friends, and weeks’ worth of supplies), some seaworthy hulls to strap to the undercarriage, retractable wheels so you can land virtually anywhere you like, fuel in tanks, blue skies, and it’s time to go!

The Cessna Caravan has a reputation for being useful and for those who know this workhorse well, we’ve learned it’s also a tremendous amount of fun. If you have any need or desire to travel to a remote location, perhaps not all that far away on the map, but separated by mountains or desert or sea, the 208 will get you there.

Imagine for a moment that serene alpine lake, not overrun with jet skis and crowded with cabins, but the one with the bald eagles soaring over the quiet still waters, pine trees lining the shores, smoke drifting up between them from the lone campfire, perhaps one or two small fishing boats drifting near the shoreline. This is the spot that remains so pristine because the mountain terrain makes it difficult to travel by road. The amphibious Caravan will take you there, quickly and efficiently, and with just a splash of fun along the way!

Or is the spot a boat anchored off the harbor? Sure the “Airport in the Sky” is a fun landing up on top of Catalina Island, but the trek down the hill to Avalon Harbor is brutal, and then to find a ferry to take you out to your mooring. The amphib Caravan will take you right to your boat (and with no small amount of envy from the onlooking boater).

Maybe the big Caribbean island with the commercial airport and busy tourist district isn’t your thing. It’s the small island, the private cay that calls to you. Buzz over the turquoise waters, see the white sand beaches and sunken treasure from a birds eye view, then splash into your retreat and sail up to that pristine beach for a picnic under the palm trees.

While there are a handful of fantastic planes on floats, and a bygone era of “flying boat” seaplanes, the Cessna Grand Caravan EX on Wipaire 8750 Amphibian floats gets you more useful load, more seats, more range, more speed, more… you get the idea.

Curiosity peaked? Want to learn more? Tom at jetAVIVA is available and has the market knowledge and technical expertise to help you find the perfect plane.

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