jetAVIVA expands Jet Acceptance Service to the Phenom 100, Celebrates 100th Acceptance

jetAVIVA expands Jet Acceptance Service to the Phenom 100, Celebrates 100th Acceptance


December 30, 2008

jetAVIVA, the leading VLJ Services firm, today began offering its complete inspection and flight test service for the Embraer Phenom 100. The company is also celebrating the completion of its 100th acceptance with the inspection of Citation Mustang serial number 159.

JetAVIVA’s Jet Acceptance Service includes a pre-delivery flight test, using one of the most comprehensive flight test profiles in the business, followed by an 800-point technical inspection of the aircraft and a thorough cosmetic inspection. Aircraft performance is validated, all systems are tested, and handling qualities are evaluated. Production and registration records are examined.

100th Acceptance - Citation Mustang SN 159Jet Acceptance Service for the Phenom 100 also includes delivery from Brazil, where the aircraft is manufactured, to North America. jetAVIVA assists with the importation process when the jet arrives in its home country. In all, the Phenom 100 acceptance, delivery, and importation process is anticipated to take approximately 10 days.

jetAVIVA’s staff includes aeronautical engineers and flight test professionals. The company had its first Jet Acceptance Professional earn his Phenom type rating just one week after FAA certification of the aircraft on December 12th, 2008.

John Hayes, owner of Cessna Citation Mustang serial number 124, hired jetAVIVA to accompany him at his delivery. John says, “A new owner would be absolutely crazy to accept delivery of a new plane without jetAVIVA to help out. I was certainly delighted with their work.”

Current jetAVIVA Client Jon Gilbert says “I hired jetAVIVA to complete the acceptance on my Eclipse 500. I was absolutely delighted with their service. jetAVIVA will be by my side when I go to pick up my Phenom 100 from Embraer in 2009. Operators should not consider taking delivery of such a complex machine without a professional who is working on their behalf.”

Says jetAVIVA CEO Ben Marcus, “We have had the honor of helping over 100 light jet owners take delivery of their aircraft. Embraer’s new light jet is very exciting and we look forward to helping Phenom owners bring their jets into service.”