Fun Fact Friday: Jade Hofeldt

Fun Fact Friday: Jade Hofeldt


February 22, 2023



jetAVIVA is here for more than just helping you buy or sell your aircraft, which is why we created our mini-series: Fun Fact Friday. This year we are bringing you fun facts about the jetAVIVA team! Read on to learn more about Managing Director Jade Hofeldt:

Jade HofeldtJade got her Pilot’s License 21 years ago and since that time, has flown over 50 different aircraft models ranging from an OMF Symphony (may have to Google that one!) to the Citation CJ3. At last count, she has flown 428+ different tail numbers and credits high time ferry pilot Bill Cox for some of the best advice she’s received in her flying career. When operating out of Long Beach CA back in the early 2000s, Jade asked Bill how he had managed to fly SO many different aircraft types. His response? If it has a POH (Pilot Operating Handbook), read it. Solid advice that still rings true today. Jade’s most recent accomplishment was her tail wheel endorsement in the Aviat Husky and her next goal is her float plane rating. Jade’s advice to other pilots? Always strive to continue learning, adding on new endorsements or ratings and know that the cockpit has no room for complacency.

Jade holds an ATP along with CFI/CFII/MEI licenses, is a Cirrus CSIP, is typed in the Citation 525 Series and is a graduate of Purdue University’s Aviation Technology, Professional Flight Program.