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jetAVIVA Founders to Speak at Inaugural Meeting of Citaiton Jet Pilots Association

Citation Jet Pilots Owner Pilot AssociationjetAVIVA founders Cyrus Sigari and Ben Marcus will be speaking at the inaugural meeting of the Citation Jet Pilots Association (CJP) on March 14, 2009 in Carlsbad, CA. CJP is the premier organization of Cessna Citation owner-pilots. The three day inaugural meeting will include many seminars and social gatherings of the members.

Cyrus Sigari will be giving presentations entitled “Enlightening Engine Issues” and “Citation Market Status”. Ben Marcus will be giving a presentation entitled “Citation Accident Review”.

jetAVIVA is frequently called on as experts in light jet operations and the light jet market. Sigari and Marcus are both graduates of Purdue University’s distinguished aerospace engineering and technology programs, both hold Airline Transport Pilot Certificates, and are both active flight instructors. They hold type ratings in Citations and other single-pilot jets. Together, the jetAVIVA team has participated in more than $300MM in light jet transactions. Sigari was also a principal engineer at Eclipse Aviation. Marcus formerly served with the National Transportation Safety Board.

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