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Cyrus Sigari named Very Light Jet Editor of Plane & Pilot Magazine

Plane & PilotCyrus Sigari, co-founder of jetAVIVA, has been selected to head up coverage of light jets for Pilot Journal and Plane&Pilot magazine. Cyrus will be responsible for reporting on progress and news with emerging light jet aircraft as well as providing analysis of this dynamic market.

Mr. Sigari’s company, jetAVIVA, has been at the heart of the emerging VLJ market since 2006 when the company was founded. jetAVIVA operates all production VLJ’s and is expecting to take delivery of Phenom 100 aircraft early in 2009. Cyrus holds type ratings in both the Eclipse 500 and the Citation Mustang and has over 150 hours of flight time in the Mustang just in the last 6 months. In addition to Cyrus’s current involvement with VLJ’s he has a background in Aeronautics, with a degree Aeronautical Engineering degree from Purdue, Airline Transport Pilot rating, and a Certified Flight Instructor.

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