Turbine Aircraft Brokerage & Acquisition Services

jetAVIVA’s comprehensive programs for both purchasers and sellers utilize the collective experience of our consummate aviation sales professionals backed by our industry-leading sales methods. With over US$1Billion in aircraft sold and bought, we have seen everything that can and will happen in an aircraft transaction. Give yourself peace of mind and let jetAVIVA guide your next deal.

Our Worldwide Exposure

In today's economic climate, it is critical to look in all corners of the world for buying and selling opportunities. When buying, international research and diligence ensures that we have the right aircraft at the right price, and that it is positioned strategically for future liquidity. When selling, if you have the entire globe as your marketplace, you have opportunities to sell to buyers who would, otherwise, not have known your aircraft was even for sale.

jetAVIVA has purchased and sold aircraft in... Australia • Austria • Brazil • Canada • China • Colombia • Ecuador • Germany • Greece • Guatemala • India • Ireland • Isle of Man • Italy • Jordan • Mexico • Netherlands • Norway • Panama • Philippines • Poland • Portugal • Russia • Saudi Arabia • Serbia • South Africa • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Turkey • U.A.E • UK • USA • and more... Delivery Locations Map Deliveries

Acquisition Services | How jetAVIVA can assist with a turbine aircraft acquisition.

jetAVIVA's three phase approach to finding your perfect aircraft involves:

Phase One: Research & Selection
We analyze all opportunities, both “on” and “off” market, to ensure we know of every possible aircraft available to purchase. We utilize our invaluable internal contact databases of brokers and industry professionals, and supplement this by reaching out directly to all owners of the subject aircraft model via telephone, direct mail, and e-mail.

Phase Two: Document Preparation, Inspection, & Closing
First, we conduct our due diligence to ensure all the necessary documentation is prepared and in place for closing. We ensure the title is clean and there are no local, federal, or international title concerns. Our in-house counsel creates the necessary purchase agreement documents, bills of sale, and any regulatory filings. As our client, you are entitled to discussions with our counsel to discuss tax strategy and ownership structuring...at no additional cost. We then proceed with the pre-purchase inspections. Our in-depth knowledge of each model ensures all the necessary inspections are being completed and that no stone is left unturned. Then on to closing.

Phase Three: Standing Up Flight Operations
Unlike most brokerage firms, our services extend far beyond the closing of the sale. The most important, and often overlooked aspect of purchasing a turbine aircraft is entry into service. We will guide you through every step, from complete pilot/crew training to proper establishment of ownership entity, and RVSM to hangar and airport leases.

Our flight training solutions allow you to train and build time in your own aircraft with our instructors. We have worked with insurance underwriters to create a program that fits flexible schedules. You train at your pace and in the comfort of your home airport and aircraft.

Fees: One flat-rate for comprehensive coverage
Our Acquisition Service fee is payable only at the successful closing of your aircraft sale. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with jetAVIVA's service, you owe us nothing.

Brokerage Services | How jetAVIVA can assist with the sale of your aircraft.

jetAVIVA's three phase approach to selling in an efficient and timely manner involves:

Phase 1: Research and Valuation
We supplement our internal market knowledge and transaction information with any other recent transactions of comparable aircraft. We will come visit you and your aircraft if more detailed analysis is necessary. We determine an expected selling price by providing a detailed summary of all our findings.

Phase 2: Execute Marketing Campaign
This is where the heavy-lifting takes place. We have our professional photographer come to the aircraft to collect photos and videos, all of which are professionally edited and presented in custom-created brochures. In addition to traditional website advertising, we publish our inventory in various print publications. We also utilize mass-email techniques to proprietary databases of buyers, brokers, and various industry contacts. Simply put, if anyone is looking for an aircraft model that you have, they will find yours.

Phase 3: Contract Negotiations, Inspections, and Closing
Once we identify a qualified lead, we negotiate on your behalf and create necessary deal documents, from Letters of Intent to the Purchase Agreement and acceptance documents. We coordinate inspections and suggest best facilities use, based on our relationships and knowledge of each facility’s work. Depending on situation and aircraft location, we have our on-staff pilots reposition the aircraft for inspections. We will open and manage all escrow accounts and activities. We have exclusive arrangements with our escrow provider, Aero-Space Reports, which allows us to offer you discounted escrow pricing.

jetAVIVA service goes far beyond the transaction.

Our client relationships extend into something much deeper than just the buying and selling process. We've created solutions to help our clients with the enjoyment of their aircraft far into the future...

A few of our programs include:

And we’re more than just a broker. A few reasons why:

Don’t take our word for it... Our work speaks for itself.

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