The jetAVIVA Team

Tim P.

Creative Design

Tim jumped head-first into web design back in 1995 from a traditional print design background. Thinking back to the early days of the internet, he says he should have poured money into AOL, Netscape, Yahoo, Amazon and Apple. If so, we'd be working for him today! A pilot at 17 with all of 125 hours to date, he dreams of flying more than he flies. His relationship with jetVIVA began 17 years ago with a simple request..."Can you make our website work better?" His philosophy is, your company will, through design, make a positive impression, negetive imapession or none at all. We rely on Tim make jetAVIVA the coolest "looking" aviation company in the world.

Tim works 24/7 out of Los Angeles, CA and bikes and hikes in his spare time.

To learn more about jetAVIVA please contact us at +1.512.410.0295 or from our contact page.