The jetAVIVA Team

Joe Crockett

Sales Operations Specialist

With his past experience as a real estate broker on a top producing team in Kansas City, Joe deeply values client relationships and detailed market data to drive success. In short: every client becomes a friend and every deal becomes a close. He works closely with Tim White as a specialist in the Citation M2, CJ3, CJ3+, and CJ4 markets.

Joe lives in Kansas City with his high school sweetheart and now wife, Kelsie, his baby daughter, Adeline, and their micro-mini Goldendoodle, Rover. He has a love for travel that led him and Kelsie to get married in Iceland and a passion for aviation that goes back to his childhood. The smell of jet-A fuel and pre-flighting turbine aircraft are his earliest memories. When he's not out flying as a Private Pilot, you can find him making espresso drinks for his friends, dining at one of the two KC eateries where he frequents (and they know his order), or starting a new home project.

To learn more about jetAVIVA please contact us at +1.512.410.0295 or from our contact page.