The jetAVIVA Team

Ben Marcus


Ben Marcus soloed at age 16, earned private pilot certification at age 17, commercial pilot and flight instructor certification at age 18, and airline transport pilot certification at age 23. He holds multiple single-pilot jet type ratings and are rated in the Boeing 747-400. Ben graduated from Purdue University where he studied Aviation Technology. He has turned his passion of flight into a business that has helped hundreds of individuals and companies with the world of jet ownership.

Prior to co-founding jetAVIVA, Ben served with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), as an aircraft salesman for Cessna's leading domestic aircraft dealer, in operations management with a Fortune 500 corporate flight department, and as a flight test engineer and salesman for Eclipse Aviation. In addition to his efforts at jetAVIVA, Ben has been published in the largely circulated AOPA Pilot magazine and is an active volunteer for Angel Flight. Ben is also a founding member of the Citation Jet Pilots Owners group and the Eclipse 500 Owners Club. Ben speaks several languages and serves on the Flight Technology and Safety Committee of AOPA China.

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