Winter 2017 High Performance Single Engine Piston Aircraft Markets Update

Market Overview

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The piston-engine-powered aircraft models below are ones that jetAVIVA follows on a regular basis, and we find these models as some of the best values in the industry for those considering the purchase of a later model Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA).

The Cessna Turbo 182T is no longer in production, though the normally aspirated 182T still is, which may be a factor why the pre-owned market has stayed consistent in terms of transaction volume and inventory levels. With cruise speeds in excess of 150 KTAS and a ceiling of 20,000’ with built in oxygen, the T182T remains a top choice for a versatile use single engine piston. Trends: Inventory levels have remained consistent the past two quarters, and a buyer can expect to pay anywhere from the low $200Ks for an early 2000s T182T to the mid-$400Ks for a late-model, G1000-equipped T182T.

The Cessna Turbo 206H remains an industry workhorse considering its substantial 1600 lb useful load. Pair that with the G1000 avionics suite, and it’s not a surprise the T206H is still popular choice for private owners and commercial operators alike. Trends: Inventory levels have fluctuated over recent months, but quarter over quarter, remain relatively unchanged; today’s buyer can expect to pay somewhere in the mid to high $200Ks for an early 2000s vintage T206H to the mid $600Ks for a late-model, G1000-equipped aircraft.

The Beechcraft Bonanza has been flying, in one "shape" or another, since the 1940s, and while today’s variant possesses huge advancements from the original models, it still holds true to its heritage. The G36 is the latest variant, equipped with the Garmin G1000. While it’s not quite the heavy-hauler the Cessna T206H is, the G36 is the choice for longer cross country flights, enjoying cruise speeds in excess of 170 KTAS. Trends: Inventory levels are down nearly 30% compared to late Fall 2016; a buyer can pick up a pre-owned G36 in the very high $300K range to the mid $600K range depending on year model and total time (2006 was the first year of the G36).

It’s hard to be at an airport and not see a Cirrus aircraft nowadays. The latest variant in the SR22 family is the SR22T boasts max cruise speeds in excess of 200 KTAS, the latest in the Garmin avionics, a beautifully appointed paint and interior, optional Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) certification, and of course, the Cirrus-proprietary CAPS airframe parachute system. Trends: Transaction volume has kept a regular cadence the past 12 months, and inventory levels have changed very little as a result; today’s buyer should expect to pay anywhere from the mid $600K mark to the low-mid $700Ks depending on total time and optional equipment.

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High Performance Single Engine Piston Market - Historic Values

High Performance Piston Aircraft Market

Cessna T182T
Cessna T206H
Bonanza G36
Cirrus SR22T G5
Used Aircraft Listings (change from previous quarter)43 (up 1)44 (down 1)19 (down 8)25 (no change)
Ask Price Range (US Dollars)Low $200K –
Mid $400K
High $200K –
Mid $600K
Low $400K –
Mid $600K
Mid $600K –
Mid $700K

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