Winter 2017 Embraer Legacy 450/500 Markets Update

Embraer Legacy 450/500

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Embraer finished the year strong with a combined 13 new deliveries of Legacy 450 & 500 aircraft. So far, owners are reporting excellent service & reliability and they remain enamoured with the technology and comfort. The pre-owned market has increased to five available units as the market has, so far, been unable to justify sale prices above $18M. Expect most activity to be in the $16M+ range on pre-owned aircraft.

Last year, the new Embraer CEO, Paulo Cesar Silva, stated his clear intentions not to chase the market down in lieu of some aggressive pricing moves by Embraer’s competitors. With a significant commercial backlog and a strong move into airline MRO, they have been able to hold firm as the Legacy 450 and 500 gain acceptance. Recently, an article used a questionable title of Embraer taking a “pause” in the business aviation market. A closer read restates Embraer’s intentions to hold pricing and allow supply to adjust to the market demand. In addition, Paulo Cesar squelched any rumors of long range business aircraft announcement stating that resources will be focused on growing the Legacy 450 & 500 markets. A good sign for those willing to make the investment in these platforms.

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New Legacy 500 Deliveries By Quarter

Legacy 500:
% For Sale

Embraer Legacy 450 & 500 Winter 2017

Current For-Sale Inventory05
Total Fleet1544
Percent of Fleet for Sale (Current)0.0%11.4%
Average Days on Market*--
Pre-Owned Transactions (Q4 2016)00
New Deliveries (Q4 2016)67

*For Aircraft Sold in Recent Quarter. Does not include “Off Market” sold aircraft.

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