Spring 2017 Embraer Legacy 450/500 Markets Update

Embraer Legacy 450/500

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Last report, we noted Embraer finished the year strong with a combined 20 new deliveries of Legacy 450 and 500 aircraft. The pre-owned market has held steady with five units available. The demand for a pre-owned Legacy 500 is moderately active based on our inbound activity and conversations with other dealers/sellers in the industry that have a Legacy 500 represented. Pricing expectations have been far lower than most owners have been willing to accept. Unless there is an unusual or distressed situation, transaction activity is slow.

Outlook: Last edition, we noted Embraer’s desire to accept the pause in the super mid-size segment and hold pricing until demand picks up. So far that has held true and the future still looks positive for the L500. The platform has several advantages to the competition and Embraer seems steadfast in their commitment to this market.

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New Legacy 450/500 Deliveries By Quarter

Legacy 500:
% For Sale

Embraer Legacy 450 & 500 Spring 2017

Current For-Sale Inventory04
Total Fleet1646
Percent of Fleet for Sale (Current)0.0%8.7%
Average Days on Market*-97
Pre-Owned Transactions (Q1 2017)02
New Deliveries (Q1 2017)10

*For Aircraft Sold in Recent Quarter. Does not include “Off Market” sold aircraft.

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