Winter 2017 Daher TBM 700, 850, and 900 Markets Update

Market Overview

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Daher’s fleet of TBM 900s and 930s is quickly growing and now sits at an impressive 146 aircraft, with a majority being 900s. While the factory still has not announced any plans to end 900 production, the proof may be in the numbers. Daher delivered 21 new 930s in Q4 and reports show they have an additional 14 units at the factory. Compare this to no new 900s delivered in Q4 with none showing at the factory. While we have yet to see any pre-owned 930 transactions, there are a couple out there to be had. Seven pre-owned 900s have traded hands since production first started in 2014; four of which occurred in Q4 with aircraft trading in the low $3M range.

With the largest fleet of all TBM models at 232 units, the G1000 equipped 850s continue to be the busiest in terms of number of transactions. Q4 saw 11 units trade hands and inventory levels maintaining a very healthy 5.2% with values starting to level off from a decline. 2008/2009 models are trading in the $1.9M - $2.1M range, 2010- 2012 in the $2.25M - $2.4M range and 2013/2014 in the $2.45M – $2.65M range.

Over the past two years, we’ve seen an average of five “Legacy” 850s trading hands every quarter, and Q4 was no different. With a smaller production run, the Legacy 850s have held their values extremely well; offering operators a lot of aircraft at a lower acquisition cost as compared to G1000 equipped models. Furthermore, we’ve found that fairly priced units do not sit on the market very long, as evidenced by only four units currently available for sale. While inventory levels have dropped since our last report, pricing has remained flat, with aircraft continuing to trade in the $1.675M – $1.8M range.

End of 2016 resulted in healthy activity for the 700 fleet. Once again offering one of the safest buys in the 700 market, the TBM 700C2 saw four units sold, bringing current inventory to only five units, with sale pricing remaining in the mid $1M range. The 700B models also saw a busy Q4, with an impressive five units trading hands; the most we’ve seen in one quarter over the past two years. While pricing varies widely based on avionics upgrades and engine times, we are seeing units trade in the $1M – $1.25M range. Seeing a much needed reduction in inventory, the 700A model also had a record quarter over the past two years, with four units trading hands and 8.5% of the fleet now for sale, representing a drop from over 11% early in 2016. Able to be bought in the $700K – $900K range, the 700A model continues to represent a good value; however as the earliest 700As now approach 27 years in service, buyers should be aware of deferred maintenance that can cost thousands of dollars to remedy.

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TBM 700A/B Values & Inventory Levels

TBM700A/B Average Value (Blended Average)
% of Fleet for Sale

TBM 700C2 Values & Inventory Levels

TBM700C2 Average Value (2004 Year Model)
% of Fleet for Sale

TBM850 LEGACY Values & Inventory Levels

TBM850 Legacy Average Value (2006 Year Model)
% of Fleet for Sale

TBM850 G1000 Values & Inventory Levels

TBM850 G1000 Average Value (2008 Year Model)
% of Fleet for Sale

Daher TBM Series Market

900 & 930
Current For-Sale Inventory96541210
Total Fleet106879584232146
Percent of Fleet for Sale (Current)8.5%6.9%5.3%4.8%5.2%6.8%
Pre-Owned Transactions (Q4 2016)4545114
Average Days on Market*155378132214312175
New Deliveries (Q4 2016)-----21 (all 930s)

*For Aircraft Sold in Recent Quarter. Does not include “Off Market” sold aircraft.

TBM Transaction History

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