Client Testimonials & Reviews

“The first thing we did when we decided to buy a jet was contact jetAVIVA.”

–Matt Mitchell
Phenom 100 Owner

“I would use jetAVIVA anytime. They’re a great organization.”

–Rick Lemon
Citation Mustang Owner

“I would highly recommend jetAVIVA. The experience has been very positive.”

–David Ostrowe
Piper Meridian Owner

Sales and Acquisition Testimonials

Chuck Brady – Brokerage Client

We contracted with jetAVIVA and Ben Dow to handle the sale of our Falcon 900EX at the end of 2022. This was the second transaction/aircraft we have had with Ben and the jetAVIVA team in the last few years and our experience was again, excellent. We wanted to complete the transaction and close in a relatively short timeframe for tax reasons and also had a few last trips in the plane to complete which required some careful scheduling work by jetAVIVA. Ben was always available and happy to answer any questions I had through this process as well. jetAVIVA has a wide purview of the marketplace and was able to quickly handle internal price setting and marketing the aircraft. We were able to quickly receive offers and Ben handled down selection quickly and was able to present in short order. As many Jet owners have limited time, the jetAVIVA team was very efficient in communicating updates and getting any additional information throughout. They had to coordinate with our aircraft management company to ensure buyer requested items were delivered quickly and they were just the right amount of persistent to keep the process moving quickly without ruffling feathers on either side. As with almost every transaction, there was one hiccup with regard to engine inspection and Ben and team were able to get that resolved quickly that day. Closing was completed on time and both the legal and financial parts of the transaction were cleanly handled. Solid, “A Game” performance all around!

If I had to pick 3 words to describe jetAVIVA, I’d say Experienced, Efficient and Helpful.

I think the most unique aspect of working with jetAVIVA is the breadth, depth and currency of knowledge they have in each of the different segments of the market. They seem to know exactly what key factors are in play for each specific type of aircraft and the best practices in the process for a specific type of aircraft. Having dedicated maintenance and legal resources was also very helpful.

I would tell someone who’s considering jetAVIVA to certainly look around, but as this is the 4th transaction for us and second one with jetAVIVA team, I’ve certainly learned that experience and depth of transaction team is critical to ensure a smooth, quick and painless client experience like the one I’ve had with jetAVIVA.

Martin Williams – Aircraft Buyer

My partner and I recently decided to purchase a Kodiak, and we found the perfect one based in Switzerland. The seller was represented by Tom Dafoe and jetAVIVA. Throughout the process, Tom's communication and assistance with this international deal were professional and fair. The acquisition of a turboprop is no small feat, and everyone involved made the purchase a pleasant experience.

Jo Stahler – Brokerage Client

"I had known about jetAVIVA for many years and kept taking to Denise, Jade, and Tom Dafoe about airplanes—they really like talking about planes as much as I do. As a pilot owner flying a Turboprop and looking to get into a Jet it was interesting to get their perspective on several different aircraft. When the time came to sell my Kodiak, which I was very attached to, Tom had lined up several buyers within a few weeks and we were able to close in the desired time frame. It was a cross border transaction which included customs and other issues, but we did prebuy and closing all in one day. Very smooth and well managed. Tom was always a great sparring partner and even though we never met personally—the distance between us is probably well over 8000 miles—we always connected at almost any time of the day. It was a pleasure to work with Tom and I would certainly do it again and recommend him to any prospective seller or buyer."

Andrew Dumke – Phenom 300 Owner

"Both transactions I have done with Denise and jetAVIVA were super-professional and smooth. I especially appreciate her humor and positive, can-do attitude!"

Mark Sampson – Brokerage/Acquisition Client

Conrad, Jade and the team at jetAVIVA have helped us with five transactions in the past few years. In each and every transaction they proved their worth and added tremendous value to the process. Their expertise saves us money during acquisitions and produces us top dollar for a sale. I would highly recommend jetAVIVA to anyone looking to make a turbine aircraft transaction, especially in the TBM or CJ markets.

Bob Jones – Brokerage/Acquisition Client

After 40 plus years of aircraft buy/sell transactions,I am fortunate to have met Kandi Spangler of jetAVIVA. I can honestly say,I have found the very best. Kandi is totally competent, honest, energetic and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Gary H – Brokerage/Acquisition Client

We called Ben Dow for information on a CJ4 that he represented for jetAVIVA. I had some concerns with Ben being in New York and us in Idaho. We looked at three CJ4s. At each visit we were met by a jetAVIVA team member. We have always purchased new planes from the dealer. This was a good experience having Ben look out for us. After buying the CJ4 we had Ben sell our PC–12NG. We would not hesitate to use Ben and the jetAVIVA team again.

Bob Miranda and Norman Heldman, Air America Atlantic, Inc.

Bob and I would like to thank Conrad Jones at jetAVIVA for facilitating the sale of TBM&-700 #90 C&-FLLN to our client Mr. Casciano. This transaction would not have been possible without his extraordinary efforts and detailed approach. There were so many moving parts and Conrad's unique ability to coalesce these into a targeted approach will not be forgotten. We look forward to teaming with jetAVIVA in the future.

2020 Sovereign+ Acquisition Client.

“Kandi was invaluable in our aircraft purchase which happened to be our first. Her knowledge of the aircraft we bought – as well as many other options we considered – was remarkably thorough. Kandi was vital in every step of the process: the pre–buy, the deal negotiation, reviewing potential management companies and pilots, and even recommending an excellent aviation attorney. If not for Kandi, we would not own this airplane today. Any client who who engages her services will be lucky to have her.”

2020 Citation Excel Acquisition Client

"I couldn't have worked with a better team for my first jet purchase. jetAVIVA is not a usual broker who is just a salesperson/middleman, they are a critical advisor who really understands what you are buying, and are able to protect your best interests and maximize your investment. Kandi Spangler's knowledge and expertise exceeded my expectations and I'll definitely work with her again."

Jasin Reid – Acquisition Client

Denise assisted my company with the acquisition of three aircraft as well as starting up our new flight department. She handled every aspect of each of the acquisitions, negotiating a fair price for each aircraft and ensuring the prepurchase inspections were in our favor. She recommended a great flight department manager and is an ongoing resource as our company learns how to best utilize business aviation. The most important piece of all this was knowing that Denise’s number one priority was getting me safe and reliable aircraft. I would recommend Denise’s acquisition services to anyone looking for assistance in starting up a new flight department or upgrading their existing aircraft.

David Richardson – Brokerage Client

When we made the decision to sell one of our department’s CJ3s, we solicited proposals from several brokerage firms. Denise did a fantastic job representing jetAVIVA and worked hard to earn our business. Once we started the sales process, things went just as she’d advertised. We thought her expectations for our time on the market and sales price were almost too good to be true, but she delivered! jetAVIVA's staff also provided great support with the contract and prebuy. When we’re ready to make our next aircraft move we’ll definitely be talking with Denise about it."

David Farr – Brokerage Client

"In December I used jetAVIVA to sell my CJ3 timed with delivery of a new CJ4. It was my third transaction using them and as expected, Denise was spot on. The process could not have gone smoother. From the time I contacted Denise until closing was 2 months, taking about 3 weeks to get under contract after the plane went on the market. Denise was able to negotiate a fair price as well as use her expertise to assist the buyer and set expectations as this would be their first jet.

The marketing materials produced by Denise and her team were very well done. She made sure the plane was photographed beautifully so that a proper brochure could be prepared and the plane properly advertised. This is critical not only to get a prospective buyer interested, but also this is the only visual basis to establish a fair price given the excellent condition of the plane.

Obviously there is a reason I keep using jetAVIVA and Denise."

Adam Stoughton – Acquisition Client

“As an experienced pilot coming from a large operator, I was new to starting a flight department from scratch. Denise’s advice and guidance throughout the aircraft purchase and flight department setup has been priceless. Her services are truly above and beyond simple aircraft purchasing.”

David Gasmire – Acquisition Client

“We just completed the delivery process of our pre-owned Citation M2 from Textron with the help of Denise Wilson and jetAVIVA. We couldn’t be happier with the entire process and are so thankful that Denise led us every step of the way. This is our first jet and Denise’s knowledge and experience in helping us as new jet owners/operators was so valuable to us. We literally could not have done all of this without her. From her analysis of our needs to the analysis of the market and finding just the right M2 for us, it was a smooth process. I know Denise worked very hard with every detail to make sure everything from the jet selection through contract negotiations, to pre-buy inspection, to legal work on the Purchase Agreement, setting up training, providing training materials, and on and on, she was fantastic. I would strongly recommend that anyone considering moving into their first jet, or finding their next jet, to contact Denise at jetAVIVA and let her help you. You will be thrilled come delivery day! It was fantastic!”

Citation Bravo – Acquisition Client

Tim, Rick, and John F were an exceptional team: knowledgeable, candid, professional, and always on top of the details. I felt privileged to have such an impressive group on my side of the table.

Donald Thompson – Brokerage Client

jetAVIVA does another great job – selling my M2! As part of my march towards retirement (downsizing and getting rid of debt), I hired jetAVIVA (Tim White) to sell my M2 on March 14th. Under contract and closed in 87 days. jetAVIVA did a great job. And the buyer got a wonderful aircraft! Cessna did / does a great job with the M2 – almost a perfect aircraft. Now, on to finding a Mustang to purchase [also with jetAVIVA]!

Shawn Linch – Brokerage Client

Just wanted to say thanks again for doing an epic job on this transaction. I was very hesitant at first to use a broker on this go around because I’ve had more experience buying and selling airplanes since purchasing [my plane] three years ago, but I’m 100% convinced that I saved money going with you guys... Not to mention the time, energy, and brain damage also saved by not having to sell it on my own.

You were awesome to work with!

Frank and Helen Wewers – Brokerage Client

Helen and I want to thank Amy and all of your folks for the great job in selling our JetProp. Amy was so “on it” during the entire process. She always was available to help advise and move the project during some very delicate times. We were under a lot pressure to finish the sale before the end of the year and she was persistent in a very gentle way to encourage the buyers to keep the process on track. Thanks again, everyone. Have a great holiday.

Chris Kimball – CJ1+ Seller

This was the second time I have worked with jetAVIVA on an aircraft transaction. This time however I was not officially a "Client". I was approached to sell my aircraft to one of their clients. I was impressed with the professionalism and respect the team gave me as an independent seller. It shows the true colors of an organization when they can balance the expectations of a buyer and seller in a multi million dollar transaction...and both parties feel like they won. A+ for Jade and Cyrus at jetAVIVA.

Todd Wulfe – Brokerage & Acquisition Client

I wanted to thank you all for everything in handling my transaction. I realize it was slightly more complicated than normal, but everyone in the team stepped up to handle whatever issue arose... I know my decision to have jetAVIVA sell and procure my aircraft was the right one, and I am confident I will be using the team once again for my next purchase.

Dan Richard – Acquisition Client

As a first time buyer of a jet aircraft, I had absolutely no idea where to start. The best advice I got was to call JetAviva. They walked me through every aspect, from assessing the aircraft that would meet my needs and put me in touch with the top insurance, financing and training resources. Most of all, they used their network to find me an excellent aircraft in beautiful condition at my price point. Everything they did displayed deep knowledge of the markets, the highest professionalism and personal attention. After the sale, they have continued to provide support. I not only have a new jet, but new friends. I'm very pleased and most grateful for how they helped me step up into the jet world.

Tim Rink – Phenom 100 Acquisition

Greg Oswald went above and beyond what I expected from a Aircraft Broker. Not only will JetAVIVA have a life long customer, but made a great friend in Greg Oswald. Thanks...

Bill Stevenson – Mustang Acquisition

I flew with JetAviva on four day familiarization courses in the Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Mustang, which provided very hand-on information about each plane when I was considering upgrading from my Bonanza. When I ultimately decided to purchase a Mustang, I called Ben Marcus to get his advice. Ben introduced me to David Lee, who listened to my objectives and priorities and then played a very active and collaborative role in identifying, evaluating, and purchasing a Mustang. It took exactly seven weeks from deciding to purchase a plane to flying the plane back to my home base with David in the right seat. The plane is a great fit with my requirements and David eliminated the hassle and uncertainty from the purchase process. The entire JetAviva team I worked with- David, Ben, and Hannah- were all great to work with.

Mack Garrett – Mustang Brokerage

Having been involved in numerous aircraft acquisitions and sales over the years I have to say that this has been the easiest and most pleasant sale I have been a part of to date. When the owner of the company I work for asked me to handle the sales process on his behalf, I knew it would be a challenge at best considering my current aircraft maintenance work load as DOM at the time. Your sales team made selling my employers aircraft a non event and handled almost everything for me. I am very thankful we chose JetAVIVA to market and sale our aircraft.

Johnny Pineyro – Mustang Acquisition

If you are looking for a solid advice mindful of your specific travel profile hire the jetAviva team. They were professional and tenacious on the sale and purchase side which allowed us to get back to work servicing our own law firm clients across the state of Florida and beyond. This was nothing short of a yoeman's effort by the jetAviva team. Bravo!

Alan Binette – Mustang Acquisition

jetAviva sets the bar exceptionally high on the total services they provide for owner operated turbine aircraft transactions. They delivered everything they promised in a timely, professional and expert manner. I would enthusiastically recommend them! Best purchase experience ever.

Chris O'Neal – Citation Mustang owner

Cyrus and the JetAVIVA team did a fantastic job during the acquisition process of our new Citation Mustang. He made sure every detail was taken care of, and that all of our needs were met. I would recommend JetAVIVA to anyone looking to move up into the jet world!

Bill Eckles – Mustang Acquisition

Buying my first jet was an extremely intimidating experience. JetAVIVA was there from the beginning holding my hand and helping with the entire process. They were always willing to answer all of my questions anytime. Without the support of jetAVIVA I'm not sure I would have ever made the leap.

Ron Ward, Mustang Acquisition

I was totally satisfied with jetAVIVA's knowledge, support and guidance throughout the entire process of sourcing, inspecting, purchasing and organizing the training for 2011 Mustang I recently purchased. Thank you jetAVIVA!

Ned Greenop – Buyer, Mustang SN 291

I too had a great experience with Cyrus / Jet Aviva. I was in search of a Cessna Mustang after selling our PC12. After our first discussion it was clear Cyrus was well versed in all aspects of the citation mustang. Although Cyrus was "selling" and I was "buying" I felt he represented both parties very well. I highly recommend jetAVIVA and look forward to a long relationship working with them! Thanks Cyrus

David Mecartney – Seller, Mustang SN 18

I had the opportunity to be introduced to Cyrus after my Mustang fell on its tail because of snow. I was caught in the middle of a messy situation with Cessna and involved with a major structural repair that was well beyond my experience level. Cyrus jumped in as a Aerospace Engineer and helped me navigate the Cessna Service Center folks through the acceptance flights. I chose to sell the airplane after the incident and to my surprise I had two bona fide offers for the aircraft within a week of listing. Jet Aviva handled all the details of the sale and made the process painless. I have bought and sold many airplanes through the years, have worked with many brokers, and I can honestly say these guys are the best in the business. When it is time to buy my replacement aircraft, I'm sure I will retain Cyrus, Max and the rest of the team.

David Gardner – Seller, Mustang SN 291

I've also worked with Cyrus and JetAviva to help me in my recent aircraft decision. I had long ago put a Mustang on order with Cessna (who by the way have been absolutely terrific about communication, being flexible on schedules and delivery and just extremely professional). After much heart searching decided that I needed a slightly bigger plane for my family and would sell my Mustang position in order to buy a CJ.

I live in London and Cyrus and I connected earlier this year. I was impressed with his industry knowledge and he was very straightforward and helpful as I tried to make my decision. When the time came to market my aircraft I reached out to Jet Aviva and I can definitely recommend them. It was a great experience. I felt that I had Cyrus' full attention. The distance was not a problem. They gave me comparative date, followed up on every detail, helped nudge me when I was holding up the process and he was a great negotiator. The process went very smoothly and professionally which I put down to Cyrus' energy, attention to detail and great recommendations.

Thanks guys, I look forward to doing business with you again!

David Farr – Buyer, Mustang SN 244

I would like to thank Cyrus and Max of jetAviva. They not only helped me secure a position that was considerably earlier than the one I was holding, they were able to strike a deal that was good for all involved. In addition, Cyrus methodically went over the aircraft during delivery, working with Cessna to correct the issues prior to flying off.

With everything resolved, I flew with Cyrus to SMO spent the night and then flew home to the Manchester, NH with Max the following day. I immensely enjoyed flying with both and under their tutelage, became comfortable in the aircraft quickly.

Getting back to the acceptance flight, one thing that came through loud and clear is that Cyrus is in tune with the aircraft in a way that a typical owner/operator simply cannot be. I don't care how much jet time you have, with exception of the test pilots, Cyrus has flown probably more Mustangs than any other person and therefore knows what to expect. Cyrus was able to detect sounds that even the Cessna pilot did not hear initially. Cyrus helped them identify the source so it could be resolved quickly. Further, I understand that Cyrus, on another Mustang, detected an issue with the fresh air vent which was missed by Cessna altogether. Upon close inspection, it was found that part of the fresh air vent was put in backwards. This prompted a line investigation and a change in procedure at Cessna to make sure that this did not happen again. Frankly, I feel that this is exactly the type of thing that would not get detected by the typical owner/operator, which will cause an issue later, costing time and money once the aircraft is home.

I feel that both Cyrus and Max went beyond the original agreement that I had with them. They continued helping once home by recommending that I obtain the type, if at all possible, in the aircraft prior to going to Flight Safety. Max was instrumental in connecting me with a designated examiner and made all the arrangements to have him show up at my doorstep for the checkride. This was a great recommendation on their part because during the initial training I was able to run through the required items for the initial fairly quickly and get into more advanced situations that from my understanding, are typically not covered. It is also fortuitous that I was one-on-one with the instructor during my Flight Safety training so they were able to tailor the course considering that I was already typed.

I highly recommend both Max and Cyrus of jetAviva.

Don Morris, jetAVIVA Phenom 100 Sales Client

As an entrepreneur and investor, I have had the opportunity to do business with many very talented professionals. As an aviator and jet-owner,I've been able to work with, learn from, and fly with many talented aviators. However, I've discovered that it's rare to find a combination of the two: an honest, knowledgeable, performing, and technically astute aviation businessperson. jetAVIVA's people seem be some of the few who have all of these qualities.

I hired jetAVIVA to accept, deliver, and sell my Phenom 100. I hated selling the Phenom, but I had to make that difficult decision after realizing how much value loss I would realize if I sold my CJ instead. jetAVIVA assisted me every step of the way and made the entire process easy and stress-free. Once the airplane was back in the US, they hangared it for me, marketed it heavily and properly, and found a buyer who will be well served by the airplane. They handled the transactional details with precision and speed, and assisted the new owner with all of his entry-into-service requirements, including securing insurance, RVSM certification, and ushering him into training.

If you are considering buying or selling a Phenom, or if you are looking for someone to accept and deliver your airplane, I highly recommend that you contact jetAVIVA.

Walt Malinowski, jetAVIVA Phenom 100 Acquisition Client

I want thank you for the great deal of help that jetAviva provided to me in the selection, negotiation and instruction in the new Phenom 100. Without the guidance and advice that you were able to provide based upon your experience and study – not only of the Phenom but of competing airplanes – I was able to understand that the Phenom provided a wide mission capability for my varying needs and a level of passenger comfort beyond expectations and (even) the claims of the competition. You helped me to negotiate good terms, conditions and pricing for the sale because you knew and understood the market and the airplane. Your knowledge of operational requirements made my search for RVSM and insurance coverage quick and cost efficient. You were able to link me with the right people to satisfy my needs and they, in both cases, are top notch vendors to work with.

In the airplane; your ability to bring me along was a special boost. The instruction you provided was logical and clearly spoken. Your knowledge of the airplane and it's systems exceded my ability to come up with questions – and I believe that the benefts to me are significant. I think that you managed to get a quart of smarts into a pint of head – so I'm pleased and satisfied.

The attitudes of your folks was also refreshing. You did not push me to rush my decisions and you seemed to always jump at my requests. I truly believe that the utility I expect to receive from the airplane is, in large part, because of the good start you guys got me off to. I look forward to many future flights with you in the future – I know that each one will leave me a wiser owner and a better pilot.

Thanks – Walt Malinowski

Edward K. Asplundh, jetAVIVA Acquisition Client

In March and April of 2009, I worked with JetAviva in the purchase of a Cessna Citation Mustang, primarily with Cyrus Sigari. From the location of a suitable aircraft, negotiating with the seller, inspecting the aircraft, and representing me at the closing, their help and service were invaluable. They also were a great source of help in flight crew selection and training and numerous other details involved in buying my first jet. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone planning to purchase a light jet.

Edwin Sahakian, jetAVIVA Acquisition Client

I'm writing to express my satisfaction with your help and guidance in handling my acquisition and continuing ownership of a corporate jet. I am pleased with your guidance in my own pilot transition from a high-performance glass cockpit single, to an owner-operator of a twin-engine Cessna Mustang.

Your professionalism and efficiency made the process smooth and easy. Without JetAviva's guidance, the process would have been daunting and a heavy burden. Everything you did, was done with a smile and a "can do" attitude. And you even had excellent coffee for me!

You efficiently analyzed the mission requirements, financial situation, and my own pilot skills and ratings. You then correctly recommended the right jet for me, as well as the correct way to acquire and own it.

Your guidance and frankness was extremely valuable. I was on the verge of making a seriously wrong choice of aircraft. Without your guidance I would have made expensive errors in both choice and acquisition procedure

Without your guidance and the resources you have, I would have paid more, and gotten an unpleasantly delayed delivery date. I have no experience in negotiating price and terms no a jet aircraft. Your experience is vast.

You did the negotiation with the seller and brought in experienced experts (specialist lawyers, escrow agents, accountant, etc) to handle the paperwork and prevent what would otherwise be confusion and risks involved in a large specialized acquisition like this. This alone more than justified choosing JetAviva. You have this expertise. I do not. It would have been foolish to try to do all this on my own.

Without your help, I would have paid more because I lack your extensive specialized up-to-date knowledge of this very specialized field, and of negotiation for aircraft purchase price and terms. I also would have had a tremendous burden in dealing with the contract(s), financing, and tax ramifications.

Bjorn Tore Larsen, jetAVIVA Acquisition Client

I wanted to share our experience with jetAVIVA... Everything sales, to pre-training, to delivery was seamless . They have provided us great service throughout the entire process of buying our first Eclipse jet.

We asked them to find an aircraft, it took them 2 days with the specs we wanted. Their Experience Light Jets is outstanding, no one should do their type rating without it, they take you in depth of the aircraft systems and procedures, and their instructors really make you feel comfortable at the controls. The Jet Acceptance was amazing. Delivery ceremony followed by a 800 point check, and a test flight of jetAVIVA´s Ben Marcus did one of the most comprehensive flight tests I have ever seen. Back on the ground they did a thorough check of the entire exterior and interior.

Thanks jetAVIVA for making the process easy and enjoyable!

Marty Sprinzen, jetAVIVA Acquisition Client

I want to sincerely thank you for all the effort you put into the acquisition of my Mustang. I love the plane. You were absolutely right about it being a great choice. Buying a jet was a major decision for me. Your attention to detail when I picked up the plane was top notch. You did an incredibly detailed pre-delivery check, took numerous pictures of the plane, detailed all issues no matter how small, and worked directly with Cessna to assure they were all addressed. You gave me guidance on all the decisions (maintenance contracts, database updates, and training) that had to be made immediately following the delivery.

What I discovered, however, was that buying a jet is a process that only starts with the delivery. You stayed with me and assisted with everything from defining my training requirements, finding me pilots for both training and mentoring, scheduling the course I took from Flight Safety (even when they had no openings), and following up on maintenance. You arranged for or even took the plane into the service center when needed.

With this level of service, I believe JetAviva will be the first significant company in this new market. I am sure that new jet pilots are not aware of the level of support that is required to enable a smooth and worry free delivery and follow on process. It is now two months since I picked up the plane and your assistance is still critical for me. Again, thanks for the effort.

Javier Vélez, jetAVIVA Sales Client

In regarding to our sale of the Citation Mustang, I am very pleased with all your support and advise. You kept track all the time during this transaction, particularly because it was little more difficult than a regular one. Look forward to work with you again on another transaction!

Thanks and best regards,

Javier Vélez / Director

Claudio Bruno, jetAVIVA Mustang Sale Client

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance, patience and perseverance in completing the sale of 510-0044. It initially looked like it was going to be a fairly routine transaction. However, when confronted with the various issues surrounding the registration process for Austria, jetAVIVA took control and managed the transition from Mexico to Austria transparently to us. Your commitment to the process was fantastic and I am sure that we have all learned some new procedures that will help both your future clients, and us as we look to expand our fleet. Your knowledge of the industry was a big asset in smoothing things out and I hope we will get another opportunity to share our aviation stories and enthusiasm.

Kenneth Olsen, jetAVIVA Mustang Sale Client

The dust has settled and I'm slowly recovering from my decision to sell SN 121.  I wanted to thank you for making that process virtually trouble-free.  I believe it was less than two weeks from the time I listed it with jetAVIVA to the time we completed the back-to-back closing.

Throughout the process you were always available to talk to and did a great job of documenting the decisions made along the way.  I was particularly impressed with your follow-up with all the involved parties, it made the closing a non-event.

I'm looking forward to the time that I'll be able to enlist your assistance in the purchase of my next Mustang, which I hope to be able to own a little longer than SN121.

Kenneth Owens, jetAVIVA Sales Client

Thank you so much for coordinating the sale of my Embraer position. In light of the current economic conditions, this JetAVIVA accomplishment seems all the more amazing.

I don't ordinarily give this sort of testimonial, however it is highly deserved in this instance. The Embraer transaction went quite smoothly, as did all the documentation required to facilitate the transfer. All you efforts on my behalf are most appreciated.

Bill Parrish, jetAVIVA Acquisition Client

Buying my first jet looked like it was going to be a dauntingly complicated and painful process.  jetAVIVA has made it a hassle-free positive experience.

Rob Price, jetAVIVA Mustang Acquisition Client

Just a note to tell you thanks for the help with the Mustang purchase. I have purchased several plane in the past, unassisted, including a King Air, and never realized until I was fully involved in this purchase, just how complex this transaction would be. Your check lists and attention to detail with the seller, Cessna, insurance provider, and the various other related parties avoided many potential problems, and helped complete the sale in record time. I realize after the sale was complete, that I could have never done this on my own without several errors, and additional costs. If you ever need a reference or would like me to speak to a potential customer on your behalf, please don't hesitate to ask.

Larry Fox, jetAVIVA Mustang Acquisition Client

Cyrus was nice enough to ask me if I wanted to left seat on a trip to Vegas. & of course I did. What an incredible experience. There is so much more to the Mustang than just calculations of cost per mile and fuel burn to consider.

Cyrus and jetAVIVA helped (buy my Mustang). It was so smooth and efficient the whole process only took 4 days from first discussion to deal closing.  Even after the deal was done they continued to help with all the details of ownership transfer, options selection and getting acquainted and dealing with Cessna and FSI. jetAVIVA are true experts at what they do and clearly the best in the business. They didn't make a dollar from me on this deal, but have absolutely made me their client for life.

Acceptance Testimonials

Brett Hunter – jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

I just wanted to write and say how impressed I am with Ben Marcus and jetAVIVA for their help with our delivery of Phenom serial number 29.

jetAVIVA provided the much needed technical knowledge of the airplane to provide me with the confidence in the product. They knew the normal faults and what is acceptable for a new plane to leave the factory. There was no question they left unanswered.

Beyond the aircraft, jetAVIVA takes the big picture approach to the delivery. They have developed a good rapport with the factory representatives. Ben has become conversational in Portuguese such that the fuel stops in Northern Brazil are a smooth process. jetAVIVA has all the details prearranged and the paper work in hand exactly when needed. Whether it was flight plan filing or Customs handling jetAVIVA made it look easy. They also saved us a lot of money based on their advice on where to stop, how to purchase the fuel, and when to use local handlers and where not to.

I have been a professional in aviation for over 20 years and I was very impressed with jetAVIVA's professionalism and easy going attitude. Thanks for making this difficult process fun and worry free.

Jerry Fussell, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

After 1500 hours flying together and alternating left seat in TBMs, Lori and I took delivery of Mustang #175 in March. We had had delivery problems with aircraft before and had outright rejected one, so we knew that delivery/acceptance issues could be stressful.

We had heard several new owners report that the delivery of their Mustangs had gone well and numerous problems uncovered because of the thoroughness of Cyrus Sigari of jetAVIVA when assisting with the delivery. I must say that the reasonable fee that jetAVIVA charges was well earned both during the delivery process and during the Mentor Pilot services provided to Lori and me after delivery.

We met with Cyrus in Wichita the evening before delivery where he briefed us on what to expect. The next morning we took the Caravan shuttle to Independence where the Acceptance Inspection began. During the included test flight, Cyrus tested every system that can be tested during flight and put the aircraft through several maneuvers that seemed like they were going to flex the aircraft beyond any reasonable limit. Fortunately, no pressurization leaks, etc. were found.

The post flight inspection revealed several issues that needed correcting. From several cosmetic defects to replacing the co-pilot side windshield, a substantial list of items needing attention was presented to Cessna. It would have taken us many months to uncover all these issues on our own.

It was very nice to have Cyrus acting as our agent; he has a cordial and professional relationship with all the Cessna personnel that we encountered. At his insistence, Cessna had all the issues, including replacing the windshield, corrected overnight!

Since Cyrus had four days allocated for the delivery and it only took two, he was able to schedule Mentor Pilot flights with both Lori and me. What a learning experience that was! We covered extensive practical techniques for specifically operating the Mustang in the "real world"; things that simply were not covered at Flight Safety.

On one Mentor Flight we went to Montrose, CO to pick up Lori's Turbo Trinidad from Western Skyways after an annual inspection and essentially an engine overhaul. Cyrus went up in the Trinidad with Lori and helped her extensively test that aircraft. It seems nothing is outside his "job description" when he is assisting in a jet delivery.

I understand that jetAVIVA is a strong force in Mustang re-sale as well. I will consider them seriously when we sell our Mustang.

If you are planning to take delivery of a Mustang, my advice is to not leave home for Independence without Cyrus.

Lance Ferguson, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

I just took delivery of SN 159 and hired Cyrus for the delivery inspection and acceptance flight. Cyrus's evaluation of the flight characteristics was really thorough...tons of data points, use of all the systems, loading the aircraft up to 2G's and evaluating the controls and noise, deploying flaps and brakes at their limiting airspeeds.

Cyrus's ground inspection was unbelievably thorough... Here's the bottom line...Cyrus has flown and evaluated more new Mustangs than anybody in the world, and knows what is "normal" and what isn't. As a new owner, I wouldn't have been able to discern these abnormalities. It gave me great peace of mind to have him on my team for delivery, and I recommend him most highly, and without reservation to any of you that will be taking delivery.

We flew to Denver for my first landing, arriving with a 20 to 30 kts crosswind and severe low level wind shear. I politely deferred to my mentor, and called out Vref + 10, Vref + 15, Vref -10 sink 3, Vref + 5 sink 2...well, you get the picture...there was a ton of throttle jockeying, but we did fine. Cyrus's piloting skills are great, even more so as he flew this from the right seat. (Try that sometime in the's not easy).

He is truly an expert in evaluating the Citation Mustang, and provides value, safety, education and assurance to any prospective

Edwin Sahakian, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

I am glad that your experienced people will be with me when I go to the Cessna factory to formally accept delivery of the Mustang. I am glad that you can conduct the Pre-delivery and "Acceptance" because I know that as with everything else, all will be in order and there won't be any glitches.

I am glad to recommend JetAviva. I would freely recommend you to other people, including owner-pilots, who are acquiring a jet or who want a company to manage it for them.

Al Palmer, Director of Flight Operations for the University of North Dakota, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

The UND Aerospace Foundation contracted with jetAVIVA to accept our new VLJ.  I was extremely impressed with their professionalism, customer service and thoroughness of the acceptance inspection.  It gave me peace of mind to know that UNDAF was being so well represented.

Rock Palermo, jetAVIVA Acceptance

As the date for our delivery drew closer, the anxiety of getting it right increased.  As an attorney, I know the limits of my expertise.   Finding a qualified expert to inspect the aircraft and provide me with educated advice during the delivery process was essential.

Perhaps the most important factor in selecting jetAVIVA was their personal attention and accessibility prior to delivery.   They gave tips on training, owning and managing the aircraft.

On the day of delivery, our aircraft had a minor maintenance glitch which caused our delivery to be delayed for about 4 hours.   Cyrus worked hand in hand with the delivery and maintenance technicians to keep us apprised of the problem.  Without Cyrus, the four hour delay would have probably resulted in an unpleasant experience.   Fortunately, his knowledge of the technical issues and contacts within the maintenance department alleviated any uncertainty.  We were able to timely test fly the aircraft with Cyrus putting our aircraft through his thorough checklist during a two hour flight.  Upon landing he continued his inspection of the airframe, engines and interior.

jetAVIVA's services continued post-delivery.  Each time we had question about a performance number or maintenance issue, Cyrus was accessible and eager to assist us. 

Alan Memley, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

The jetAVIVA guys are great.  We had them do the acceptance for the delivery of our aircraft.  They put the aircraft through its paces!  They have the know-how, while I only had the dream of accepting the aircraft.  If you think you can fly a delivery acceptance flight without the benefit of ground/flight training, you are kidding yourself.

The money spent to have jetAVIVA do the acceptance is WELL WORTH IT!!!

Brandon Carlson, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

I have had the pleasure of working with jetAVIVA now on four aircraft deliveries and they are truly great guys to work with!  Their acceptance inspections are undoubtedly “first class”.  They take their time and analyze the aircraft inside and out.  I would classify their acceptance inspections as a necessary investment that every new jet owner should consider.

These airplanes are coming off the assembly line with total flight times in the single digits so I think if there is any type of discrepancy jetAVIVA is going to find it during the comprehensive flight and ground inspection.

Further, they also prepare a very professional report on your aircraft acceptance following the delivery which you can retain along with the aircraft records – this I believe will say a lot about your ownership style when it comes to the resale of your aircraft whenever that time may occur.

Ron C., jetAVIVA Acceptance

I used jetAVIVA for my initial acceptance, and to help me get my RVSM. I did it initially because I thought it was a good idea. It is one of the better decisions that I stumbled into. Knowing what I know now, I don't know how I would have gotten through it without their help. In the scheme of things the cost was modest. jetAVIVA was very thorough, and their follow up is stellar.

Darryl Lanker, jetAVIVA Acceptance

Our firm has recently taken delivery of a new jet. After a number of recommendations from other buyers, we made the decision to invest in jetAVIVA's acceptance service. Our experience with jetAVIVA and our customer contact person, Cyrus Sigari, was highly satisfactory. All aspects of the process were handled in a highly professional manner with timely follow up response to our questions and suggestions. Although we have been owners and operators of various corporate aircraft for over 30 years, and are fairly knowledgeable regarding aircraft issues, our benefit from jetAVIVA's services far outweighed the cost. We would highly recommend the services of jetAVIVA to anyone investing in a new jet aircraft.

Marc Arnold, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

Using JetAviva for acceptance was a no-brainer for me and every other owner I have spoken with.  Excellent service and scrupulous attention to detail and follow-through.  I enjoyed much more peace of mind knowing JetAviva had looked over the plane on my behalf.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Bob Brodersen, JetAVIVA Acceptance

Ben Marcus and his team at JetAVIVA did an outstanding job of helping me accept my new Jet.  Because of their intimate knowledge of the program I felt confident that they would find any hidden problems with my jet.  In fact despite it looking perfect to me, they found 39 delivery squawks on my airplane.  After the service department fixed everything, Ben took a second look at the plane (because he was in town) and found that four of the items had not been fixed to his satisfaction.  I highly recommend Ben and the whole JetAVIVA team for making the acceptance process easier.  They also provide an extremely useful checklist to help prepare for your new arrival!

Jeff Rubenstein, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

I feel compelled to rave about the terrific service jetAVIVA provides.  I really can't imagine trying to handle the acceptance myself, as I have no experience dealing with an airplane of this caliber. 

Ben first met me for breakfast to talk about what will happen that day.  For the acceptance flight, he flew a very well planned and documented 2-1/2 hour flight, checking and recording dozens and dozens of features, parameters, specifications, and performance information.  (After he got all the info he climbed in back and let me fly the left seat.)

For me, it was analogous to representation by an attorney in a real estate transaction, or by an accountant when dealing with an IRS audit.

Bottom line:  I can't say enough good things about JetAVIVA's acceptance and test flight services.  These guys do business the old fashioned way, where the customer comes first, and they do everything possible to enhance your delivery/acceptance experience.  I strongly recommend them to any and every customer taking delivery of a VLJ.

John Deakin, jetAVIVA Acceptance Client

I won't take up space to belabor the point, but I'm in full agreement with all the nice things said about JetAVIVA.  Cyrus has done both the airplanes I'm involved with, and he has been nothing short of outstanding. 

John Deakin

ELJ Testimonials

Federico Salazar, jetAVIVA Experience Light Jets Client

I would not like to pass this opportunity to reflect the great experience I had at jetAVIVA during the familiarization program. Everybody was so professional and friendly that is hard to believe that you can get this kind of attention from each person that works at jetAVIVA. You feel in an environment totally VIP where it is very easy to learn at your own pace on a one to one basis. You will never regret this. This program gave me confidence to understand all the systems of the plane and get a feel on how this plane flies.

I did not have any time flying jets, but after the training I felt I had the confidence to "fly through.

Mike A., jetAVIVA Experience Light Jets Client

Having read about the difficulties of getting through the type rating and the strong advice from those who have gone before, earlier this month I decided to sign up for the Basic Experience Light Jets course offered by jetAviva.

From the moment I contacted Cyrus Sigari, Ben Marcus and their team it was clear I was in good hands.  They were prompt and accurate in delivering everything I wanted.

The basic pre type rating training is for five days and includes over 10hrs left-hand seat time.  The lessons are well structured, progressive and are aimed at ensuring you are comfortable with the aircraft through all phases of flight including: emergencies, air manoeuvres, precision and non-precision approaches, go-rounds, single engine go-rounds etc.

If you have the time I highly recommend jetAviva training.  It's a fantastic and most enjoyable way of doing this.  They have a great set up and I have now retained them to undertake the customer delivery acceptance of my aircraft next month

Mike A.

Eamonn Hobbs, jetAVIVA Experience Light Jets Client

I had the great pleasure of spending last week with the jetAVIVA Team at Van Nuys airport (KVNY) in their new Experience Light Jets program.  It was a fantastic experience!  Cyrus and the rest of the jetAVIVA team were a pleasure to deal with.

By the end of the week I felt that I had achieved all of my goals in the Experience Light Jets program.  I had become very comfortable (mentally) in the aircraft, and on our last flight even had the luxury of being far enough ahead of the airplane to enjoy the fabulous view.  I am now really looking forward to starting the type rating course, and I am now going into it with the goal of actually enjoying myself during the entire type rating process.

Thanks to Cyrus and the entire jetAVIVA Team for hosting a great week,

Edwin Sahakian, jetAVIVA Experience Light Jets Client

jetAVIVA's Experience Light Jets program is exactly what I needed/was looking for... a relaxed, yet focused approach to helping me get acclimated to flying a jet. The jetAVIVA instructors are true professionals and I have had a wonderful experience working with them.  I'd recommend jetAVIVA's Experience Light Jets.

 Bill Harrity,  jetAVIVA Experience Light Jets Client

What can I say about the training?  It's been awesome.  I have a smile on my face practically the whole time I'm flying that thing.  I think jetAVIVA's instructors are very professional, and not only do they know and instruct extremely well, but I like how they have been working with me to improve sloppy flying habits and replace them with the techniques of a professional pilot.

Tim Musgrave,  jetAVIVA Experience Light Jets Client

When I leave to get my type rating training in early 2008, I'd like to be as prepared as possible.  I am determined to pass Eclipse's program on the first try and the training provided by jetAVIVA with their Experience Light Jets program has hit the nail on the head in helping me feel more comfortable, knowledgeable, and ultimately more safe in the jet.  My experience thus far has allowed me to get exposed to the systems, procedures, and experiences that I will see when I go to type school, without any of the pressure. 

To learn more about jetAVIVA please contact us at +1.512.410.0295 or from our contact page.

The first thing we did when we decided to buy a jet was contact jetAVIVA.
I would use jetAVIVA anytime. They're a great organization.
I felt no hesitation when I needed to sell [the Mustang], my first call was to Cyrus and jetAVIVA.
I would highly recommend jetAVIVA. The experience has been very positive.