Experience Light Jets

Ready to start flying a Light Jet today?

Enroll in jetAVIVA's Experience Light Jets (ELJ) program. The ELJ programis built to allow you to achieve three primary goals:

Benefit from a program that is focused on the customer experience: fly when you want, where you want, how you want, working on the areas that you want. With our flexible training programs, ELJ can accommodate both the experienced jet pilot looking for type specific training or the novice general aviation pilot looking for complete immersion in jet operations.

Experience Light Jets is offered in the Embraer Phenom 100, Cessna Citation Mustang and Eclipse 500.

What jetAVIVA Clients are saying about jetAVIVA's ELJ program:

Edwin Sahakian, jetAVIVA ELJ Client


"jetAVIVA's ELJ program is exactly what I needed/was looking for... a relaxed, yet focused approach to helping me get acclamaited to flying a jet.The jetAVIVA instructors are true professionals and I have had a wonderful experience working with them. I'd recommend jetAVIVA's ELJ program to any and all future Eclipse 500 pilots."

Bill Harrity, jetAVIVA ELJ Client


"What can I say about the training? It's been awesome. I have a smile on my face practically the whole time I'm flying that thing. I thinkjetAVIVA's instructors are veryprofessional, and not only dothey know and instruct in the Eclipse extremely well, but I like how they have been working with me to improve sloppy flying habits and replace them with the techniques of a professional pilot.

ELJ does not replace the type rating training. Instead, ELJ offers you the opportunity to fly a Light Jet today so that you'll have a leg up when you enter the type rating class."

ELJ is offered in three packages

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. The course packages are described below:

  Basic Intermediate Advanced
Flight Time 10.5 hours 25 hours 45 hours
General Aircraft Familiarization
Glass Cockpit Basic Attitude Instrument Flying
High Altitude Normal and Emergency Procedures
Precision/Non-precision Approaches
Take Off and Landings
Emergency Procedures
Line Oriented Flight Training (short)
Line Oriented Flight Training (medium)
Line Oriented Flight Training (long)
Max Range Trips
Night operations

The curriculum above is listed as a frame work for each Client's syllabus. The Client's previous flight experience and desires will vary and we will do our best to ensure that the greatest training value possible is received.

ELJ flight operations are principally conducted out of jetAVIVA's headquarters located in sunny Southern California. Clients joining us from out of state are welcome to stay for as long as they wish. We can make all accommodations arrangements for you.

To learn more about ELJ or to schedule your training contact us at +1.512.410.0295 or via email at sales@jetaviva.com

Benefits of our Experience Light Jets (ELJ) program

Start flying a light jet today

You do not need to wait any more... we have a fleet of light jets that you can fly, today! Just let us know when and where you'd like to train and we'll get it all setup.

Perform better at type school

With the challenging nature of jet Type Rating school, students who enter the course with previous experience in the jet have categorically done head and shoulders better than those who haven't. You'll have the your instructor saying "Dang... that guy is good" after a few hours in ELJ.

Become a safer jet pilot

he key to safety is preparation. Fly with an experienced Instructor Pilot now in the conditions and situations you'll experience later. Learn the procedures and techniques to help you fly safely for years to come.

To learn more about jetAVIVA please contact us at +1.512.410.0295 or from our contact page.