Behind the Scenes at jetAVIVA: Sales Team – Denise Wilson

Behind the Scenes at jetAVIVA: Sales Team – Denise Wilson


December 5, 2020

Denise lives and breathes all things aviation. The knowledge and expertise that she brings to the jetAVIVA team comes from over twenty years of experience in flying, managing, operating, acquiring, selling, and instructing in jet aircraft, with an emphasis in Cessna Citation aircraft. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a former entrepreneur herself as she previously founded and grew a management company prior to selling in early 2020. Denise is jetAVIVA’s specialist in the Citation M2 and CJ3+ markets but if you can fly it, she can probably answer questions about it!

She has over 9,000 hours of flight time and eight type ratings, along with CFI/CFII/MEI, with a significant amount of flight time in multiple Citation models, both single-pilot and crewed. She has flown for several airlines including Aloha Airlines, and is a former airline captain, Chief Pilot, Director of Operations and Check Airman.

Denise is a vocal advocate of business aviation and has been featured, published, and quoted in numerous publications promoting the value that aircraft ownership brings to businesses and individuals. She offers mentorship and guidance to others pursuing aviation as a career and is a strong supporter of females in aviation. She is also a current standing member of the Board of Directors for Angel Flight West, which is her favorite philanthropic organization.

When not assisting clients and inspiring others to reach for the skies, Denise enjoys playing the oboe, attending 80’s music events, and flying her Meridian and Searey amphibious airplane.