Behind the Scenes at JetAviva: Conrad Jones

Behind the Scenes at JetAviva: Conrad Jones


July 16, 2021



Conrad is JetAviva’s most seasoned Sales Director as he has been working in aircraft sales for over 40 years!

He specializes in the piston and turboprop aircraft markets, but given his expertise in the industry, he has the knowledge and experience to assist with any type of transaction.

Conrad is a Kansas City native and has always been mechanically inclined, working on bicycles, motorcycles, cars and eventually airplanes. He got his start in aviation in 1977 when he obtained his Private Pilot’s license out of State Line Airpark in Johnson County, Kansas. From there he began working at the local KC Piper Distributor and would ferry new aircraft back to the dealer for delivery, he worked his way up in the ranks of the company and after some time was running the line service departments and the paint department. Conrad later transitioned into aircraft sales and sold his first plane in 1989, a 1983 Piper Chieftain.

When Conrad isn’t busy putting together deals on airplanes, he enjoys working with his hands and doing remodeling projects on his home. He is a father to two grown daughters, enjoys cooking and likes to attend live rock and blues shows at Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansas City.